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  2. I have a Dell Laptop with Windows 10. We are at our part time home in Baja. We we arrived the laptop connected just fine when we arrived. Turned off laptop and back on a couple of days later and now the error message is that the IP address is not valid. I have turned everything - antenna, router, laptop off and back on a number of times. I have unplugged everything over and over. I have tried the cmd to reconfigure IP address. The response Generated regards media being connected. I am so stuck and I am hoping someone can help. I am not technically educated, but do have some prior experience. Thank you so much.
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  4. Everything Im reading is saying that this board has onboard graphics. Have you tried it for a long period of time w/o the GPU installed?
  5. Did you ever check your temps? openhardwaremonitor is a free temp software as is CoreTemp and Speccy has some temp readings.
  6. It has an Intel DG965RY board, old I know, four GB DDR2 RAM. It has a 750 GB HD that passed Vivard's test. I used Memtest on the Ram with four passes with no errors. It has an Intel Pentium 4 641 Cedar Mill processor and a 775 socket. It has a Radeon 4300 graphics card set up in split screen mode. The chipset is P965/G965 and the bios is MQ96510J.86A and according to Intel it is the latest bios version. If I have missed anything you need please tell me. Thanks.
  7. What are the other specs in this machine? Does it have a video card? BIOS up to the latest firmware?
  8. Download and try Ubuntu Live CD and see if the speeds are the same. If so it is a hardware issue and not a Windows/Driver/Software issue.
  9. Those front facing USB ports run on the same USB chipset so they should work the same way as the on-board ones. A PCI card will run independently of that so it should work fine, assuming the issue doesn't lie somewhere else. I am leaning towards a failing PSU that isn't pushing out enough wattage to cover everything vital and the USB as well.
  10. If it doesnt have a CMOS battery then power would all be coming from the main battery. You can try disconnecting it for a few days and see if the BIOS settings revert to default.
  11. Look in the Startup Tab, there has to be a min.bat file called to run at startup. Uncheck it.
  12. No-one else started the thread on Kano Computer kit. So, I thought I'd start one. This topic is about the Kano Computer kit with Raspberry Pi. Kano kit comes with its own Kano OS. You can also use raspbian OS. It is simple, affordable and easy to making a projects. For more information visit: Kano Computer Kit with Raspberry Pi
  13. They both have Solid State Drives, so I'm fairly sure the hard drives are not a bottleneck.
  14. What is the hard drive of your other computer vs. this one? The write speed of the transfer maybe lower than the other because the hard drive isn't as fast. The read speed is obviously fine.
  15. Thanks for the ideas. I tried the "optimal performance" in device manager, with no change in performance. I changed USB Legacy support in the BIOS from "Auto" to "Disable", but again no difference. System resources are untaxed.
  16. Well you can still do forums, and talk to your parents. See what they are willing to do.
  17. This may get frustrating for you, but I feel I should tell you now I am of the age of 16.
  18. Not really sure. You even reinstalled the chipset drivers which would of reinstalled the root hub software. Hmm... I'm presuming your system's resources aren't taxed right? I bet the resources are fine. I did some reading. Go to device manager right click the drive, and go to policies and check "For optimal performance" or something like that. If you put that mode on, you really have to pay attention to stopping your USB device when you pull it out. Second is to put USB compatibility off of Legacy in your BIOS. The thing is, BIOS settings are different per firmware. You may have it may not. If you see something that is legacy in USB, put it on something else. You don't need backwards compatibility with 1.x versions of USB. Any luck?
  19. I guess I could give this a try, it would at least eliminate one more item off the list even if it is not Win10's fault. Thanks again for your help :)
  20. I am working on a computer that was self built and was working fine until one day the owner tried to boot that computer. When the computer is turned on sometimes the monitors won't work but the computer seems to boot as I have to hold the power button for several seconds to get the computer to shut down. Other time, this is most of the time, when the computer gets past the BIOS screen a black screen with: "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key" appears. There is no disk in the ROM. The HD is a 750 GB WD and checks fine. I have checked the RAM with no errors. If I tap any key several times it will finishing booting sometimes and sometimes it won't When the computer boots it works fine. Any suggestions. Thanks.
  21. I say this so much that maybe I gravitate to this possibility too much, but it could be the fact that you are running Windows 10. I was having problems with my video card in 10, and I ran into forums that had lots of gamers having issues with their video drivers and Windows 10. I went back to 7 and I have had no issues. You can look up the problem on google so you know I'm not making it up. I had the exact same problem. BSOD's during games only. I downgraded to 7, and everything works fine. So I would recommend getting a copy of 7 and gaming with 7 until they have fixed the problems with video drivers and windows 10.
  22. Sorry for not posting any updates for awhile. I was able to remove the graphics card and test whether it was causing the Youtube crashes. Which turned out I had no BSOD for 3 days after I uninstalled the drive. Another thing I did was to re-plugged everything that the graphic card was connected to, and did a clean re-install of the Nvidia driver. Things got interesting after that... For this weekend, I had no crashes from watching videos with the graphics card re-installed. However, while playing games, I have experienced the following crashes: - 1 BSOD (attached below) - randomly shutoff of the games multiple times - explorer.exe crashing and had to do a force restart - short freeze of screen or flicker that doesn't crash the game but could be related? One more thing I noticed is that sometimes my CPU would burst to very high % (80%+) for a short period of time when running program. Not sure what the next step should be at this point. Any suggestions on what to test to try pinpoint this "new" issue? 011517-4781-01.7z
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  24. I don't have any competing USB devices when testing. Both ends should be able to handle USB 2.0 speeds. I have a handful of USB Flashdrives that happily transfer at 30MB/s on a different computer, but 5MB/s on my main computer.
  25. The PC already has something similar to an USB expansion card on the front, only it plugs in to a pin style connector on the motherboard, not a PCI slot. They are behaving exactly the same way as the motherboard USB ports. Do you think using a PCI expansion card would work any differently?
  26. A couple of things. First, do you have any USB devices plugged in while you are testing said USB? Because USB shares bus speed. Second, just think and make sure that both ends of the transfer can handle the speed of the USB 2.0 bus. Does everything check out so far?
  27. I'm getting extremely slow USB 2.0 transfer rates, from 2 to 6 MB/s, Windows 7/64. Things I've done: Verified that I have "Enhanced" USB drivers in the Device Manager. Reinstalled the motherboard Chipset drivers, verified that I have the most recent BIOS. Switched IDE to AHCI in the BIOS. Tried various USB ports, same speeds all ports. Eliminated dodgy/outdated cables (same issue with no cables). This is a streamlined system, with excellent DPC Latency figures. I looked in the BIOS for other USB relevant settings, but didn't see anything obvious. Any help appreciated! System: Windows 7/64-bit, asus p7h55-m pro MB, i5-Quad, 8GB-ram
  28. Back up the data ASAP and replace the drive. That was the right thing to do.
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