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  2. Its been 3 days since this started. The memory graph is almost full but i didnt open any apps, and because of this my computer is lagging all the time when im about to use it. I dont know what to do please tell me what happened to my computer and what should i do to fix it
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  4. Hey, My computer was getting BSODs for memory management and recently shut off and wont connect to the monitor and will turn off after a couple minutes when i boot it up. The internals seem to be working fine as all the fans turn on I replaced the one ram stick that i had because multiple websites suggested that it was faulty but to it did not work. I've also tried removing and cleaning the lithium battery, and disconnecting the power supply, holding the turn on button for a minute and reconnecting the power supply, but those other options have not worked. Please help...
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  6. Sorry for the late reply, been under the weather. Yes LibreOffice works fine. Thanks.
  7. I just got a number of updates from Microsoft. After everything was done I was asked to explore all the new things that were put on my computer, because of my stupidity I now am being forced to use Outlook as my email, I am use to Windows Live Mail which I want back. Is there any way of undoing the outlook update? I tried a system restore but much to my surprise I found out I had no restore points to choose from. Any suggestions?
  8. I just tried what u suggested and there is no icon that u suggested i click on. I have been at this for days and nothing i do or anything i google related to this fixes it. I guess it is unfixable.
  9. I bought a new psu and the problem still is here. I now have a 550. I am able to turn on the computer now, but when I go to enter my game it crashes. One time the usb ports seemed to be not working again, but that was only once
  10. MPP Viewer is a simple free viewer for Microsoft Project files. It allows you to Open, Export to excel, Print mpp files.
  11. Hi i have a windows 7 pc, it will not install updates when i try install them it will say downloading 40 updates but wont even download 1, i have tried a stand alone installer this too fails, any help please?
  12. Hi allThis is my first post so here goes: I cannot install Microsoft Office on my PC. But i urgently need to open .mpp extension file.So i need to know how to open .mpp file without MS Office Project?Thanks
  13. Good afternoon I downloaded a program so i could monitor cpu temps and load. I downloaded a program called Open Hardware Monitor. After i downloaded and unzziped a folder i run the program, i didnt install anything. When i was done with the program i tried to delete it and it deleted all the files except one "OpenHardwareMonitorLib.sys". It said the program was still running although i cheked tesk manager and didnt find anything. A friend of mine tried to change the .sys to a .txt file and tried something by right-clicking and doing something in the properties, but it only made things WORSE. Now if i try to delete the file it says "Acess denied to file Requires a permission of Desktop-........\User to alterate this file Try again or Cancel". Even though the account i am on is the administrar account. If someone could help me i would be very aprecciated. Best regards Júlio Dias
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  15. Access your bookmarks. Your first several bookmarks appear as buttons on the bar. Click on the » on the far right of the bar to view your other bookmarks in a drop-down menu.
  16. Hi, DVD video files will be of VOB file types in which you need a suitable video player software to play the videos. VLC Media Player can play your DVD. If you think it might be because of the drivers, contact the store regarding the drivers issue from where you bought the DVD Player.
  17. Awesome. Happy to hear that you got your files. No hard drive can ever be trusted...if you live by that, you will never lose any files (hopefully). You can try scanning the drive using Vivard and other programs and it may turn out that the drive is perfectly fine. Maybe just use it as a backup to the backup or a temporary scratch drive.
  18. Bookmarks, your favorites, right now they are going across the top of the page under where you see the web site address. The desktop is using chrome, I have chrome on my laptop using win 10 but before that had win 7 and I never had a problem, I'll go try what you suggested. I unlocked the taskbar but now what, there is nothing there mentioning bookmarks.
  19. did you install windows 64bit on the new hard drive? cause 32bit cant use more than 4gb of ram.
  20. I am very happy to say that I have accessed my damaged drive and restored my much needed files! I ordered a new hard drive, installed my OS and booted from the new drive. I plugged my damaged drive into my computer (SATA and power) and my damaged drive came up; my files were accessible! I was figuring that my hard drive was not receiving enough power from the SATA/USB cable. My damaged drive seems to work just fine as a read/write drive but just lost the ability to boot. Any ideas on how this could happen? Is this drive still able to be reformatted, used, and be trusted to perform as a secondary/storage only drive? I really want to say thank you to everyone who contributed on this, I was really losing it at the possibility that my research would be lost forever. With that being said, I am totally on the backup memory bandwagon. Any suggestions on good habits/programs that can aid in data backup? I was young and naive when building this comp. When student loans don't exist anymore, maybe I'll be able to run fancier OS's haha.
  21. By bookmarks do you mean your Taskbar? If that is the case, right click on the task bar and make sure it is not locked in place then you can move it to the right side of the screen if you would like.
  22. What is the make and model of the laptop in question? I merged all of your threads into one for simplicity.
  23. OK. Yeah, I tried Google on another computer. It seemed OK, but it didn't work with Youku. Firefox isn't working with it right now, either (and, I have flash installed). Update: The reason that it didn't work with Youku is that I had U-Block Origin activated. Youku has become more resistant to that recently for some reason. Since I found that out, I am trying Chrome again, and will check out those tips. Thanks!
  24. You may be right. I will have to look for a 3.5 inch drive and test that. It's been so long since I've used one, I don't think I've tried the adapter on one....If this proves to be the case, they do sell the adapters for the 3.5 drives in the same location, just scroll down. You can keep the first adapter for friends or family that may need it for 2.5 inch drives found in SSD formats or laptops.
  25. First thing to check when a system starts blue screening immediately after the windows logo screen after its been unplugged for sometime is the AHCI sata setting because that may have been different before the cmos got reset from the power being unplugged for so long (assuming battery didnt do its job). Seems unlikely that you can't access the disk at all and yet it managed to load files all the way to classpnp.sys when you tried to boot in safe mode. You linked him to the adapter for 2.5, without the external power source I don't think thats going to work for a 3.5 HDD. ....also evilwubwub, why in the world are you running windows 7 32bit?
  26. Make sure you are using a USB 3 port on the destination PC--usually blue color or designated with a tiny ss. If the contents are not showing up the drive is either encrypted or dead. Sorry. Unless someone else has any ideas. As so0ky suggests, you might be able to run some recovery tools, but I am not sure those will work.
  27. I suppose it first depends on the browser you are using. I use Mozilla Firefox and I wasn't able to move the bookmarks onto the right side of the screen.
  28. You are getting into the area of data retrieval. There are countless solutions to this problem. It basically boils down to purchasing a license to a program that is able to access damaged drives. Again, it is still feasible that you purchase a license and you still are not able to access the data. So purchase at your own risk. I have used R-Studio personally and it has worked wonders for me. There are other programs out there, this is by no means the best option, it is just an option I have experience with and it worked well for me.
  29. Yes, checking on the computer power button should be tried first. Sometimes, the faulty power button may not be able to trigger the power on command when we are powering on the computer. Also check on the power cable that connects between the main and the PSU. Hope these help, Bill Tech support manager
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