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    Doesn't sound like a HDD problem to me. If you remove the battery and operate solely on the AC adapter, do all of the LEDs behave normally? If so, you just may have a bad battery and need to replace it. What is the exact model of the laptop? Are there any power settings in the BIOS? There may be some power management software that accompanies the charging process but we would need to know the model number to be sure.
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    I'm an idiot, I looked right over that 1TB patriot and the patriot part didn't even register. What is it exactly is it some sort of external usb hard drive? wifi hard drive?
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    Have you ever tried running furmarks stability test for maybe 5-10 mins and see if you have any issues?
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    Just an update: put a new cpu in earlier tonight and have had no troubles so far. Reinstalled windows and everything. Guess only time will tell but for now it's fixed and running just fine.
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    Windows Uninstall In the Windows Control Panel, run Add or Remove Programs. Select Akamai NetSession Interface Click Change/Remove, then click Yes to confirm your choice.
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    Does the HDD appear in the BIOS under boot options? In general, anytime a hard drive make a scratching noise--this could be a sign of a physical defect. I would open it back up and re-check the connection, make sure the drive itself is seated properly.
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    So this laptop does output to an external monitor just fine?
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    Depending on what type of virus you actually have, doing a Windows factory reset should remove it from your PC. Or you can use the programs in my signature, in order, to get rid of most viruses.