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    Shut down your computer and unplug it from the power for a minute and then plug it back in and turn it on, does the problem resume? if so i'd be interested in taking a look at this for free, just visit me at the live chat at computerrepairtech.com during the hours listed on the website The situation you are describing reminds me of an old game hack from a long time ago but i dont even think that works in 64bit windows. Did you run any kind of speed hack or anything before the problem started?
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    Might want to check the CPU settings in the BIOS, reset the BIOS to default, or look and see if there is a BIOS update that deals with this from the motherboard manufacturer's website. Were you OCing anything before this happened? Add any new hardware?
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    What HDD does your PC have installed? If HDD run the test mentioned below, if SSD you will have to go to the manufacturer's website and use their tool. I wouldn't trust the Windows Memory Diagnostic. The two things I would test - RAM and HDD. Download the Ultimate Boot CD and use Vivard and Memtest to do the testing. Let Memtest run overnight if possible. Do the remap test with Vivard.
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    You could try Open Office or here: https://www.docxrepairtoolbox.com/
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    I would call them back and get a better answer to the issue. Just saying a chip needs replaced seems odd. I used to work in a PC Repair place and we were very open about what the exact issue was. If they are saying a RAM chip needs replaced or CPU, then these would be easily replaced by you relatively speaking depending on model. Have them clarify exactly what chip they think needs replaced. Not sure exactly what your troubleshooting steps were, but here is what I would have done with the given information you posted above: (Laptop worked a little while ago but now shows no video to LCD or external) Hard power off the laptop (Hold power button down for about 5 seconds) Remove battery and AC adapter and hold power button down again for at least 30 seconds Try plugging just AC adapter in and power on. If no change, meaning tries to power on and gives black screen, then power back off. Remove all RAM and plug only one back in the primary slot. Try to power back on with just the AC adapter and see what happens. If same, try other RAM stick and see. If still wont POST, test the AC adapter with a multimeter and make sure it is outputting correct voltage.
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    You can try removing the battery and AC adapter, hold power button down for 30 seconds, remove all RAM, plug back in AC adapter, and try to turn on the laptop. Hopefully it will beep at you or flicker a new LED code. If so, try replacing just one stick of RAM. Odds are this is going to be a motherboard issue as mentioned above but these are an easy two things to try.
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    Teamviewer is what I use a lot.
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    Well if increasing the fan speed makes it crash even less, then it almost has to be heat related. You could install more case fans or put a cooler fan in a PCI slot. Any way to get more airflow is always good. The coolest way you can run a GPU or CPU the better it will run.
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    Yeah, that is sweet. Glad it worked for you. You probably get the Apple vibe from the new Ubuntu as its GUI is very similar. I have not done much with Linux but I have a few laptops at home that I have been thinking about putting Mint on. Windows 10 is OK, but there's too much happening in that OS. I just want the simple interface with all of the power and flexibility under the hood that Linux offers.
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    Download and install openhardaremonitor and see what the actual temps of the GPU are getting to. If you increase the fan speed and the crashes happen less often, one would think that points to overheating.
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    not familiar with that bsod but anyway you turn on the machine and the fans spin consistently, not speed up then slow down then speed up and slow down just a steady fan speed and lights stay on but computer never shows anything and you dont hear any beeps or anything? Is that 8gb ddr3 two different ram sticks? if so did you try each one individually?
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    Seems like there may not be drivers for Windows 7 for that model. As you have pointed out, support for that model is practically nonexistent. Have you considered trying Linux on that machine since you're already an Apple person? Pretty similar.
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    If the database definition page or other important data is damaged, then Access cannot recognize the database format and will report the error. You can try Access Fix Toolbox to repair the database and solve this error. https://www.fixtoolbox.com/accessfix.html You can see Screenshots. It can help you to use the program corectly. Good luck.
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    Beer for payment? All this time I have been working for money and then driving all the way to the beer store, only to stand in line and then drive all the way home and wait for the beer to chill. My friend, I think you are onto something Welcome to PCTechBytes!
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    If you are getting too much problems with Android OS then best bet would be to do factory reset which will resolve all issues related to software. You can also take backup of data like phone contacts, present images etc to SD Card. Make sure to remove the memory card from phone before starting factory reset.