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    Hmm that's odd. Hopefully it is good to go. I am using FF to access the site and rarely have an issue. I did message Dave a little while ago so he may have taken care of something on his end as well.
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    Good call on the extra cooling and I agree on the bad design. Ive replaced the caps on similar models about ten different times and had varying success. Hopefully those Panasonics do the trick.
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    That definitely should happen. Ill message the site admin/owner and see if he can look into it. The usual remove cookies and cached data may be where he would first direct you if you havent been down that road already.
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    Hell guys This Desktop WXP HP x4400 was upgraded to W7. I wanted to find my Server so I went to Tools on my email account to get to Account Settings. When I clicked on Tools a message says, 'This folder is empty'. Can anyone advise me, please. Thank you. Leman
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    Hey, Bill. Welcome to PCTechBytes. Glad to hear you're building a new PC. Gaming rig?
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    The two culprits that come to mind are either the power adapter or the power socket on the motherboard. You can purchase a new power adapter to rule that out, or you are going to have to open it up and re-solder the connections.
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    Here is a link: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop I'm busy throughout the day, so I update when I can. This will basically test all of your hardware except your hard drive.
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    What are the specs of your computer? What OS are you running?