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Everyday Carry of a gamepad player

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As a hardcore gamer, today I’m going to demonstrate my EDC, as game means a lot to me. Once there was a popular saying “life without love is not complete”, as a single person, I think life without game is not complete.


First of all please have a look at this new 3ds xl. It is the second 3ds I have purchased. The first one was purchased in Japan in 2013. The reason to purchase new 3ds xl is to play <Super Smash Brothers>, <Monster Hunter 4G>, <Dragon Quest 10> and so on.


I’m not a fanboy, so I don’t consider Nintendo PSP is the best. I also have two Sony PSV, just that the frequency to play is less than new 3ds xl.


The above consoles are exclusive platforms and exclusive games, however Id like to try all the different kinds of games. The below GPD XD covers the games of Nintendo, Sony, Sega etc. and console platforms. Since I purchased it last year, I almost stopped playing 3ds and psv. Besides, I use it to play <Glory of the king>, the operation is more convenient than mobile phone. The other device is called GPD WIN. With the size of a handheld device of playing PC games is my long cherished wish, the driver was off when I received it to play games, so I sent it back to factory to repair it. Now the problem has been solved, I can use it to play GTA5, The Elder Scrolls V, Street Fighter 4, Far Cry 3, Killing Floor 2, and I’m very happy about the playing.


Another important point is the TF card to store the games. I’m using Lexar 1066x 64GB TF card with the reading speed 160MB/S, and the writing speed is 155M/S. It’s better than other TF cards in reading and writing.


Although TF card is convenient, the speed is not ideal. Since I have GPD WIN which supports USB 3.0 port, I’m considering to buy the U disk of Kingston HX3 256G. The powerful thing of this U disk is that, the reading and writing speed have reached 350MB/S and 250MB/S. So I’m able to install many games, as you know the GTA5 need the space of 60GB.




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