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I’m new to this forum and I’m hoping somebody can help me with a problem I have with a Dell laptop. I’ve spent a few hours trawling through this and other forums and tried lots of things to no avail. I hope I’m posting this in the correct section of this forum.

The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1750 running Windows Vista 64 bit SP2. The OS is on the C: drive and there is a Recovery partition on D: The laptop belongs to a friend. As far as I know it came with Windows pre-installed and there were no install or repair disks provided (or if there was, my friend doesn’t have them)

The initial problem was the laptop was running extremely slow and there were also some hard disk issues. I suspect it was hit with a virus too.  I resolved those issues, but somehow I arrived at a situation where, when I boot up the laptop (normally or using Safe Mode) the log on screen only shows one option “Other User”.

When I select that, I’m presented with a user name and password option: I’ve tried all the usernames and passwords for the accounts on the laptop, but each one gives an error “The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted”

I figure if I could get past this issue I will have fixed all the issues with the laptop, but obviously it’s critical I get this fixed!

I can access the hard by connecting it to my laptop with a USB cable. I can also access the hard drive by booting up using Hirens Boot Disk.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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specified domain does not exist.JPG

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Do you know if this was connected to a Windows Domain?  If not once you click on the other user button, you may have to enter the name of the PC, followed by a slash, and then the user name.  Like this: mikes-PC\mike  followed by the password in the password field.


You can also use tools like Offline NT on the Ultimate Boot CD or Hirens to see what User accounts are active on that HDD. 


What HDD issues did you have?  Did you test it and find out it was failing?

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Hi Dr_Bob,

Thanks for your reply, and apologies for not acknowledging sooner. The laptop was never connected to a domain - it's for home use only. Regarding the HDD issues, initially when I started to repair the laptop, every time the laptop was rebooted it would run a checkdsk but it never seemed to actually fix the problem. I removed the HHD and connected it to my laptop with a special HDD to USB cable. Then I was able to run chkdsk with repair and that seems to have solved that issue.

I will try your suggestions above and let you know if they resolved the "other user" issue.

Incidentally, my friends name is in fact Mike so good guess there with "Mikes-PC\mike" !!!

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