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While I was Playing Gta 5 on My PC first 1 and Half Hours It Was Smooth, After That Micro stutter Starts..... ...This also happened While I Was Playing Mirrors Edge Catalyst But That Was in A huge Way like freezes while gaming and loading,
extra time to quit games...(NOTE:THIS HAPPENS TO ME AFTER 1 and Half Hours Gaming)
i5 4440
CPU TEMP WHILE Gaming-56 degree
B85m Gamer MOBO
GPU TEMP WHILE Gaming-65 degree
8GB ddr3 1600mhz
OS Windows 10 pro x64 1607Build
While GAMING CPU,MEMORY And Disk USAGES are- 47%,26%,0%
GPU TEMP WHILE Gaming-65 degree
CPU TEMP WHILE Gaming-56 degree
Pls help

I Have done All These I listed Below for Fix But it Didnt Worked
Clean Installed GPU Driver
Defragmented All Drives
Changed Turn Hard Disk After 20 min to Never In Power Options
Changed PageFile Size To 12288MB(First It Was Automatically Manage Pagefiling Size)
Changed Power To High Performance (Could This BE a Problem I Toggled tHis Soon I Installed OS )

PLS Help

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Things I would try before going and purchasing any components:

Run a sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r on your HDD and post back the results

Try an older driver version to make sure the last couple aren't buggy with your machine

Test the HDD with either the manufacturer's testing utility or Vivard from the Ultimate Boot CD

Test the RAM


What are you using to see the temps?  Openhardwaremonitor or Speccy are decent programs.


Going to play the addition game here and see if that PSU is adequate for your rig:

Mobo: ~80W

CPU: ~100W

RAM: ~20W

HDD: ~10W

GPU: ~200W

Other (Case Fans, Optical Drives, PCI cards etc..): ~40W


Total: 450W


So 450W is the absolute minimum PSU that this build could work correctly on.  You have a 550W but it is a very low quality PSU that likely doesnt push out even close to the full 550W.  It is an 80 Plus which is a very low rated PSU. See this posting for people recommending not to use this PSU:

If you have had this rig for a few years, your PSU may be starting to fail.  Either way, I would replace it before it dies and takes something more important with it.  We recommend Seasonic PSUs here mostly, but you can get by with high end Corsair or EVGA.  We can give you links to certain PSUs if you want and can give us a budget to work with.


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try running an app to kill all the extra processes such as: (download link on bottom)  i just want to be sure its not a process causing the issue in particular something like geforce experience or that asus app that you can adjust fan speed etc with that comes with video cards but really just kill all the extra processes with that program.

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