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Acer C720/C720p Chromebook completely dead


Sorry for the long post, but here goes. So I'm repairing my broken screen on my Acer C720p Chromebook. The thing has a glass digitizer and touch screen that costs an arm and a leg to replace, so I decided to buy a screen, bezel, hinge set, and back lid for the C720 (non-touch version) and just stick that on instead. So I put in all the new parts, and I had to expose the motherboard on the bottom by opening up the bottom of the case (I had to do this to install the new hinges). I wasn't working on carpet or metal, so there is minimal opportunity for ESD damage or shorting. I wasn't wearing a static wristband, but I try to practice good static discharge habits. Everything's working fine; the peripherals, display, charger, and USB ports all work fine. So I decide to put it all back together. All of a sudden, it won't turn on. It has little indicator LEDs on the front that turn on when the laptop is running and when the charger is plugged in. Neither of the lights turn on, so I know it's not a bad connection to the new screen.  I plug it in to the AC adapter and no lights turn on. Nothing. It won't respond to any input. The laptop will automatically wake (or boot up if the system is shut down) if the lid is opened, so I close and open the lid. Nothing. I check all of the motherboard zero insertion-force flex cables and other connectors to make sure nothing is amiss. I try to start it up again. Nothing.


Tl;dr: Took my Acer C720p apart and it won't boot. Checked connectors and connected it to the AC adapter. None of the indicator LEDs turn on. Nothing appears to be broken or non-functional. 


Since it won't even indicate that it is charging, I think that it could be an issue with the power supply. So here's the question: Does anybody have some kind of laptop hardware troubleshooting checklist that I can go through? Does anyone know where I can find some in-depth documentation so that I can test the battery, power supply, and other parts of the motherboard to try and diagnose the issue? Is there some important troubleshooting steps that I have overlooked?



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Disassemble again and leave the screen assembly out and not connected.  Connect an external monitor to the VGA/DVI/HDMI port and see if it will power on.  If so you may have a short somewhere.

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