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Welcome to PCTechBytes! We have been providing quality computer repair help since 2003. If you want to fix computer problems and need computer help, we provide free online computer repair advice. Join our free computer help forums to learn DIY tips or read our tech blog for more free online tech support.

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Windows 7 tutorialsWindows 7 Tutorials
Get the most out of your Windows 7 PC with these Windows 7 tutorials. From computer security to Windows networking, these Windows 7 tips will help.

Windows tutorialsWindows Tutorials
Microsoft Windows is the most widely used Operating System in business and home and we have the articles to help you become a better Windows user.

computer repairMac Tutorials
Whether you’re a Mac convert or you’ve always used Mac computer, PCTechBytes has tutorials to help you make the most out of your Apple.

Get tips on how to network the computers and mobile devices you use in your home or office. Learn about d-link and Linksys routers, as well as how to share files and improve network security.

pc troubleshootingPC Troubleshooting
Learn how to diagnose problems with your computer and other tech devices. Keep your PC out of the repair shop and become a DIY computer fixer.

Computing tipsComputing Tips
We have the computer tips you need to get he most out of the tech in your life. These helpful computing tips will help your inner Geek grow into a tech master.

PC securityComputer Security
From viruses to hacking, malware is dangerous. These Windows security tutorials will give you practical advice on keeping safe online.

computer repairLive Computer Chat
Chat live with technicians and other computer enthusiasts if you’re having problems with your computers. Or simply drop in to discuss any tech-related topic in our computer tech chat room.

tech forumsTech Forums If you have a question, there are thousands of geeks waiting to help. Join our free forums and post your question on our friendly tech message boards today! Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a professional, our forums are a great place to learn.

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Dell, HP, Acer and Sony Computers

Get online PC repair help today. Whether you have a Dell PC, an HP or even a custom PC you built yourself, we can help you diagnose and fix it yourself. PC service can be expensive, so let our years of experience help you DIY.

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