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Modern professionals carry their laptops like an extra appendage. From meetings to coffee shops to kitchens, these convenient computers keep workers plugged and productive any time or place. The latest round of business-friendly laptops are more powerful than ever. Whether you’re looking for a computer with long battery life, high performance or a low price tag, the growing market of laptops will cater to your needs. Not all of these portable computers are created equal. Consider the variables to find a companion that you can grow your career with for years to come.

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Laptop Price

Professionals and business owners don’t always have thousands of dollars lying around for new technology. Luckily, low-cost laptops get more capable with each new update. listed the Acer C7 Chromebook as one of the top ten best laptops of 2013. At $288.97, the C7 offers 4 GB of RAM, an Intel Celeron processor and 320 GB of storage, plenty of horsepower for basic professional applications. If you use your laptop for multimedia projects, a more expensive device might be worth the extra cost. Used laptops offer a price break, but beware of buying from unaccredited vendors. Used devices pose security threats and could contain viruses.

Laptop Performance

A business laptop needs to able to handle your day to day tasks and then some. If you’re a graphic designer, a computer with a high-resolution screen will help you do your job better. As you consider your next work laptop, shop for computers capable of handling the applications you need. Apple’s Macbook Pro 13-inch is also on’s list of top laptops, but with a $1,539.99 price tag, this device makes the list because of power rather than price. The Macbook Pro can handle large-scale photo and video projects. A less-expensive laptop might struggle to handle so much data. When comparing laptops, consider the performance capabilities and your needs at work.

Laptop Battery Life

As business continues to go mobile, professionals are faced will a new challenge: managing battery life. If you’ve used a laptop for long enough, you’ve probably experienced that unwelcoming notice of your laptop battery icon flashing 2 percent just before an important meeting. The good news is that battery technology is improving along with every other part of the laptop. Intel’s latest processors available in Macbooks and the Sony Viao Ultrabook boasts battery life of up to 15 hours, according to Sure, that doesn’t mean you should leave the office without your charger, but a laptop with long battery life can and will reduce stress multiple times per year.

Laptop Work Habits

As laptops evolve and develop new features, professionals can shop for devices that specifically meet their needs. The Lenova IdeaPad Touch, for example, is a conventional laptop that has touch-screen capabilities. If your job involves presentations or graphics, this feature might enhance your day-to-day activities. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC can function as a laptop, but features a detachable keyboard that turns this device into a tablet.

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