Stop A Laptop From Going Into Sleep Mode

Window-based laptop computers generally go into sleep mode (standby mode in XP) when the lid is closed. The sleep mode makes sense because it helps your laptop conserve battery power. For example, while working at your office you leave for home and simply close the lid and keep it inside your bag. It then goes in a sleep mode, conserving your battery power giving the machine an opportunity to cool down while you return home.

However, this can be inconvenient for you to see your computer going in a sleep mode if you are still working on an open page or carrying out a download. You can avoid this by changing the setting if you do not want to see your laptop going to an automatic shutdown or sleep mode. Let’s discuss the ways of preventing these things in your laptops.

Stop A Laptop From Going Into Sleep Mode

Prevent Your Laptop From Going Into Sleep Mode

Turn your laptop on by pressing the power button if your computer is not set to turn on when you open it. Once your laptop boots up, open the panel for adjusting the setting of sleep mode. Now this will vary from one version of windows operating system to other. The following are the ways of stopping your different window versions based laptop from going into the sleep mode.

The laptop running Windows XP: To change the sleep mode setting on the Windows XP based laptops, click the Start button and then click the Control Panel link. Select the option ‘Performance and maintenance’ from the control panel and move to ‘Power options’. Click on the tab of ‘power schemes’ and then click on the drop down arrow beside the ‘Turn off hard disk’, ‘Turn off monitor’, ‘System hibernates’ and ‘System standby’. Once you get to these options, select never for each of these in both the columns of ‘Running on battery power’ and ‘Plugged in’. Now click on the tab that says ‘Hibernate’ wherein you need to click to remove all the check mark in the box adjoining ‘Enable hibernation’.

The laptop running Windows Vista: To change the sleep mode option on the laptops based on Windows Vista, you will start with the same control panel and move on to ‘systems and maintenance’ and click on the power options. You will then click on the tab that says ‘Change plan settings’ from the current established plan. Next, click on the tab ‘Advance settings’ and choose the option ‘Never’ on all the four drop downs – ‘Sleep after’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Hibernate after’, ‘Display’ and finally on the ‘Turn off display after’. You then click on the OK button to save all these changes and confirm these new settings.

The laptop running Windows 7: To do the same on a Windows 7 based laptop you need to begin with the Start button and then select the option ‘All control panel items’ wherein you click the ‘Power options’ and then the ‘Edit plan settings’. Next, click the drop down buttons for ‘Turn off the display’ and ‘Put the computer to sleep’ and select the ‘Never’ option and confirm these new changes by clicking the save changes button.

Preventing Sleep Mode On Laptops

So to prevent your laptop from entering into sleep mode while you are downloading something or simply want it to remain on, try the methods discussed above. By doing so you can prevent your laptop computer from going to sleep mode and carry out your work without any irritation.

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