Block Websites With D-Link Router

| March 3, 2011

There are a lot of dangerous websites out there. Some contain viruses, and some contain content and images you do not want members of your family to stumble upon. There are several ways to block websites on individual computers, but if you want to apply these changes to every computer in your home, use the Website Filter option in your D-Link router.

How To Block Websites With Your D-Link Router

Not all routers will have this functionality. If your D-link router does not, try upgrading the firmware in the router to see if that functionality has been added later. The Website Filter section is located under the Advanced tab. You can either use the drop-down option to “DENY computers access to ONLY these sites” or “Allow computers access to ONLY these sites.” The second option is quite strict.

Login to your DLink router through your web browser. Click the advanced tab.

block websites with the d-link router
In the left column, click the Website Filter option. To block sites, enter their website addresses in the space provided (Do not add the http://). Blocking the websites at the router level ensures all traffic leaving your network will be affected by these rules. These include computers, smart phones, gaming consoles and anything else with a web browser.

You can block websites with Dlink router or change the DNS settings in your router and use a service like OpenDNS to block websites. Either way, take a moment to setup a blacklist and implement these filters to prevent members of your workplace or household from accessing sites you do not want them to.

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  1. Mark says:

    thanks for the tip. Now i remember why i need to switch back to my DLink router, as my current one doesnt support that.

    blocking at the router is always far more effective. It is too easy to bypass software level blocking, especially if you want to keep kids off certain sites.

  2. syahidah billah says:

    how to block for d-link for dir-615?? its so complicated.

    • Consider using a third-party DNS provider such as OpenDNS. There are instructions on their websites. It works by blocking websites the same as described above, but all you need to do is change the DNS option in the router to OpenDNS’s numbers and then create an account with them. You can then login to their website and block any sites you want. There are other advantage to using a different DNS provider, as well.

  3. bianca says:

    i cant block twitter on my d link router? how can i do it? i didnt put the https:// but still i can access twitter i try to put but still didnt :)

    • shane says:

      I am having the exact problem! Please let me know whether it is possible to block twitter. I was successfully able to block facebook using the above instructions.

  4. Kelly says:

    i have linksys at home and verizon router at my moms it doesnt seem to matter what router you have Twitter just wont block. It used to block now it just goes thru and its irritating cause my daughter is punished from wattpad, facebook, and twitter but twitter just keeps on trucking like nothing changed. And i dont know nothing about that dns stuff but seems like from reading above it doesnt work for twitter either. HELP