How to Update Your Router’s Firmware

| May 21, 2009

You should learn how to update your router’s firmware and do so occasionally. Your router has a firmware chip on it similar to your computer’s BIOS. It is called firmware because it is a combination of software and hardware and can be updated regularly to improve functionality or fix problems with security or other issues. It is very important to make sure you keep up to date with these upgrades–especially if there is a problem that could affect the security of your LAN. Upgrading is usually done in a couple of ways.

The router’s manufacturer with either ask you to visit their website and download the firmware onto your computer or the router will go out on the Internet itself and get the upgrade. Some routers will even have an option to automatically check and upgrade its firmware on a scheduled basis.

How to Update Your Router’s Firmware – Step 1

Before you begin to learn how to update your router’s firmware, make sure you have the right router Information. It’s often not enough to list the make and model, as some routers will vary in hardware based on versions within that model. Look on the back or bottom for a label that will look similar to this:

How to Update Your Router's Firmware

You can then visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest firmware for your router model and version. Next, login to your router. You login by typing the URL of the router into your web browser. This might be something like or . You will need to enter your router’s username and password. If you never supplied a username and password, check the manufacturer’s website for default passwords that might work.

Look through the configuration for the firmware update option. Sometimes this will be located under the Advanced tab (or similar) depending on your router model. You will have one of the options we talked about before–either Browse to the file you downloaded from the manufacturer to your computer. Or tell the router to check for firmware updates itself. Once the firmware is loaded, the router will reboot. No other configuration should be necessary.

How to Update Your Router’s Firmware – Download Firmware

Download D-Link Firmware

Download Linksys Firmware

Download Actiontec Firmware

Tomato Firmware – This is a custom firmware that works on many popular routers. It provides a lean interface that makes it easy to confirgure your network. The most popular router for this is a Linksys WRT54G. If you have an old router, maybe give it a try.

If you have questions on how to update your router’s firmware join our forums and ask, or read our other networking articles.

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  1. Sas says:

    Personally, I want to thank whoever created this thread of info.
    It helps me (and others) a lot on how to update.

    Keep it up guys.

  2. Ahmed Dar says:

    i have a router 96333EW and i want to upgrade its frimware but i cant find any site to have its frimware if u know…. so plz e-mail me

  3. Sara says:

    My router did not reboot on its own after the update was installed, and there were warnings about not diconnecting your router in the process of the DL. DL is complete, is it ok to manually reboot my router now?

    • Did you perform the upgrade over the Internet or download the update to your computer and then upload it to the router? I would say as long as the router seems to be finished with the update, it should be safe to reboot it. The process doesn’t take very long.

  4. Patik says:

    Pls help me i have thomson tg784 and i can’t update it

  5. hopeless says:

    On my router website does not have any settings or anything in left side pannel. I have ZyXel P660h-d1, any help? Also my NAT is closed but i cant open it because there isnt any options in my router website, help please.

    • chris says:

      for zyxel routers the firmware update is in the utilities tab not advanced settings like it is mentioned in the article

  6. The D-Link has released software that recognizes the modem and makes the update automatically

  7. maneks says:

    Where I can get this update for router Well da-300n ?

    • Dave Dave says:

      Usually from the manufacturer’s website. I’ve never heard of Well routers. I’ll see if I can find the update and post the link. Also, routers usually perform NAT (Network Address Translation) by default.

  8. maneks says:

    Also there is supposed to be a NAT menu in the Setup and as you can see on this screenshot ( there is no NAT. Will the firmware update add the NAT in my setup?

  9. Joe says:

    Im looking for the latest firmware update for the D-Link DSL-2370B but i cannot find it on the D-Link website. The file in the download section takes you to another website but not the actual file.

  10. Hopley says:

    Will a firmware update to modem and to wireless router improve downstream bps?

  11. Will a firmware update to modem and to wireless router improve downstream bps?