How To Boost Low WiFi Signal Strength

If you have low WiFi signal strength, these WiFi booster tips will help you get the most out of your WiFi signal. Having a low Wifi signal strength in your home or business is frustrating. This is especially true if your router or access point is in the same room with you. If you have a sprawling location, running wires may be impossible. The good news is there are ways to increase the range of your wireless network, as well as improve signal strength. If it were possible to see the signal bouncing around, many people could easily detect problems with their network. So we must rely on simple trial and error to find the perfect location for your router and Access Points.

WiFi Booster Tip For Low WiFi Signal Strength

Our first low WiFi signal strength booster tip is placement. Location location location. Place your router in the center of your home or office, in an area away from cordless phone stations and microwave ovens. Some types of wall construction, like concrete or metal, will also cause signal loss. Be sure your router is approximately centered and away from any of those things that can degrade the signal. Some people think their router needs to be right beside a computer, but this isn’t true. It can go anywhere in the house. If it needs to connect to a broadband modem, the modem will need to go with it.

Use Access Points and Repeaters to Extend WiFi Range

WiFi Boosterfor low WiFi signal strengthWiFi signal strength can degrade rapidly. You can use a portable device such as an iPhone or a laptop to walk around your location and see where the signal begins to fade. This is where you want to put a repeater. The goal is to extend the range of the wireless to all areas of your home or office, but if your wifi fails right before the bathroom door, that is fine. Place repeaters is areas where you see approximately forty percent signal strength. You do not want to place it too far away, as the repeater might not get a clean enough signal to pass along. Repeaters plug directly into the wall and are easy to configure.

low WiFi signal strength Conclusion

It’s possible you will still have low WiFi signal strength even after you do all that you can. Some things you can also try is to do a power cycle of all of your devices. This means to shut down your computer, router and cable modem, then power them back up in reverse order. If you’re starting from scratch with your network, you can always try buying routers, access points and repeaters from the same manufacturer. While there should be any issues mixing devices from Linksys, D-Link or any other supplier, subtle differences in chipsets might cause problems you would not expect. So if you’re building or replacing equipment, try and find a manufacturer brand name you like and stick with them.

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