Linksys Router DMZ

configure a dmz in linksys

You can setup a Linksys router DMZ in a few steps. A DMZ, or a “demilitarized zone,” is an IP address segregated from the internal LAN. It essentially puts a computer outside of your internal network, but allows it to access the Internet. A computer or server using a DMZ is not afforded the protection a router offers. So why would you want to do this? A DMZ is good for services or servers you want exposed to the outside world, such as a web server or an FTP server. Or maybe you have a shady character coming over and want to restrict them access to your LAN.

Configure A Linksys Router DMZ

You’ll need to log in to your router to configure a Linksys router DMZ. To do so, open your web browser and type in and hit enter. You should see the router login screen. Put in your admin username and password, then hit enter. You will need to go to the Applications and Gaming tab to find the DMZ option.

Linksys Router DMZ

Set the IP address to one you want to associate with the DMZ, then click Save Settings.

You will then need to change the IP address on the computer you want to put in the DMZ. By default, any computer connecting to your network will probably be issued an IP address automatically. You will need to configure the computer to use a static IP address. In Windows, go to the control panel and open the Network Connections. Right-click on the network adapter you want to configure and then click Properties.

tcp/ip settings

Highlight the TCP/IP protocol and then click properties. You’ll want to set the IP address to match the IP address of the DMZ. The gateway will be the IP address of the router.

Benefits of A Linksys Router DMZ

Using a DMZ does have its benefits as long as you realize the security risk involved to that machine on that port. If a PC is on that DMZ, make sure it is running a software firewall to offer some protection. If you need additional help with setting up a Linksys router DMZ, read our other networking tutorials or join our forums.

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