Actiontec Firmware Update

An Actiontec firmware update is necessary if you’re having problems with your router. If you’re running Verizon FIOS, chances are your main router is an Actiontec brand. But no matter who your ISP is, it’s extremely important to make sure you keep your router’s firmware up to date. Router manufacturers will frequently update firmware, which is software that is installed on a programmable chip located on the router’s circuit board. It is comparable to the BIOS running on your PC. These router firmware releases will contain security updates, bug fixes and could also improve your routers capabilities.

Actiontec Firmware Update Method

Actiontec Firmware UpdateYou can perform an Actiontec firmware update a couple of ways. You can visit the Actiontec website and locate the model to find the latest firmware available for download. Or you can log in to your router and set it up for automatic updates.Next, click the Firmware Upgrade link.

To log-in to your Actiontec router, open your web browser and type in and type in your username and password. If you do not know your router’s username and password, you can reset your Verizon FIOS Default Password. Once you’re logged in, click on the Advanced icon and then select the Firmware Upgrade link.

You will then see options to upgrade from the Internet or upgrade from a computer in the network. If your Actiontec router has the ability to upgrade automatically, you should use that option, otherwise you might miss an important update.

update actiontec firmware

After The Actiontec Firmware Update

Once the router has upgraded, it will reboot so the settings can be applied. The process for updating other makes of routers will be similar. The advantage of allowing the router to go out onto the Internet and retrieve its upgrade is that you can be sure it is getting the proper firmware. Otherwise, you will need to be extremely careful to get the proper firmware based not only on make and model, but the revision number of the router. It’s very easy to apply the wrong firmware to a router (or even a PC) so be careful if you opt for the manual technique of updating your router.

If you need help with your Actiontec firmware update, just ask.