Reset Router To Verizon FIOS Default Password

It may become necessary at some point to reset Verizon router settings to the default username and password. To do this, you must know the Verizon FiOS default password for your router. The most common reason for resetting the router password is when the WiFi password or Administrator’s password is not longer recognized or you have simply forgotten it. The Verizon FIOS router works like any other router. If you look at the back of the router, you will see a tiny reset button.

Verizon FIOS Default PasswordTo reset verizon router to factory state, you will need to insert something tiny–like a paperclip–and depress the button for about fifteen seconds. You will see the router reboot. If the router does not appear to reboot, repeat the process until you see the lights on the front of the router go out, then begin to cycle on.

You will need to wait around thirty-seconds until the router is fully back up.

Login To Reset Verizon Router

Now that you have reset Verizon router, you can visit the login page by going opening your web browser. Note: you will need to be plugged into the router with an Ethernet cable, as the wireless will no longer work until configured.  To login, go to http: and hit enter. You should now see the router’s login page. The new username is admin and the password is password.

Reset To Verizon FIOS Default Password

You will want to set a new username and password. Then under the wireless router settings, you can change the SSID of the router to whatever you want. The SSID identifies this as your router, so if you turn on a wireless device, you can differentiate between your router and a neighbors. You can then proceed to setup the wireless encryption. Under the Basic settings, choose the type of encryption you want to use, then create a password. The most compatible type of encryption is WEP, while the most secure is WPA-2.

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