Where to Recycle Toner Cartridges

recycle toner cartridgesRecycle toner cartridges is something we should all do. If you consider how many ink jet and laser cartridges you personally go through, then multiply that by everyone in your neighborhood, you can only imagine how many of these discarded materials are going into landfills each year. It takes hundreds of years for these to break down down, and each contain harmful plastics and metals that are seeping into the ground. It’s scary to think what we might be doing to our children’s futures. So it is everyone’s responsibility to take a moment and properly dispose of your spent printer toner cartridges.

But it’s expensive, right? Wrong. It’s free. We have compiled a list of major brand name printer companies and their recycling locations. Most times, these places will send you a box, allow you to print out a return label or point you to a location in your neighborhood that accepts drop-offs. Some will even offer you cash for returning empty printer cartridges in bulk.

Canon Toner Recycling

HP Toner Recycling

Lexmark Toner Recycling

Brother Toner Recycling

Xerox Toner Recycling


Recycle toner cartridges only takes a few minutes, and if you make it part of your normal routine, you’ll realize it doesn’t take any longer than throwing the used cartridges in the trash. You’ll feel better about yourself knowing you are helping the environment. If you have a printer make that is not listed above, be sure to read the documentation that comes with your new toner, as they will have a website you can visit for more information.