Keep Your PC Clean With The Metro Duster

The Metro Duster is an electric blower for your electronics that will replace those expensive and and inadequate cans of compressed air. It is a great value and a nice addition to any computer enthusiast’s computer tool kit.

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Dust build-up in a PC can gradually kill a computer. Your PC is like a vacuum cleaner in that it pulls dust and debris inside from the floor or your desk. The debris get caught in the fans or just settles on the motherboard. This could eventually cause fan failure and overheating that can slow down or damage your components. As part of general routine maintenance it is recommended you blow or vacuum out your computer.

The Metro duster provides continuous, powerful airflow. It comes with many different attachments that allow you to pinpoint one location or blow off a large area, such as the inside of your case or the desk where it sits.

The Metro Duster also replaces compressed can air, which is costly, less effective and bad for the environment. It is rather loud, however, and should only be used in areas where there aren’t a lot of people. Its effectiveness cannot be argued, however, as this blower is extremely powerful and will easily rid all of you electronics of dust and debris. You may also find you use it for other chores around the house.

The Metro Duster comes with numerous attachment, but you can buy additions hoses and tips if you feel you need them. The attachments that come with it lock in place and provide multiple shapes and sizes for you to clean just about anything. In addition to the attachments, it is a corded blower. The cord is also quite long, so you should have no problems using it in your home or the shop.


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