The 9 Elements of Total Online Security for Your Family

Unless you happen to run your own company, chances are good that you rely on your employer to set, maintain and monitor minimum safeguards for data security and Internet use. But at home, it’s your responsibility to safeguard your family and your data. At work, you probably don’t give security much thought if you have routine tasks to perform and trusted sites you always visit, but you can’t always predict what sites family members may visit at home.


Selecting Security Software

If you haven’t selected security software to help you maintain home Internet security, it can be tempting to select a software package based on price or recommendations alone. So before you select your family’s security software, use this checklist to ensure the package you choose has everything you need for total online security.

Antivirus Protection

Antivirus protection is essential for maintaining online safety. Your antivirus protection software will continually scan your computer for potential threats. If a hacker attempts to break into your system or upload malicious spyware or virus programs, your antivirus protection will identify and quarantine the threat and notify you.

Security Reports

Your antivirus protection works in concert with the security reporting function of your home security software. It gives you regular updates including the names and types of threats that have been detected to date and actions that have been taken. Without these reports you can’t see patterns in threat types to help you adjust your security settings appropriately.

Social Networking Security

In the past you may have viewed protection for social networking activities as optional, but today it is mandatory for online safety. With this feature, your security software follows you and your family wherever you go online, pointing out safe links and potential threats using color-coding and other helpful tools.

Privacy Protection

For the most popular social media sites like Facebook, maintaining personal privacy is an ongoing issue. Children and teens in particular are vulnerable to online predators who can often obtain all the information they need to do harm from a child’s Facebook page. With privacy protection, your security software will monitor your settings and app use in real-time, offering suggestions to maintain privacy and security.

Web Threat Blocking

Web threat blocking is an essential function of preserving your family’s online security. With this feature you can customize your level of home security to prevent hackers from stealing your financial data, malware disguised in graphics and other common dangers.

Parental Internet Use Controls

If you are a parent, you may have already had one or more sleepless nights worrying that your children or teenagers have ventured into unsafe areas online. With parental Internet use controls, you don’t have to worry about how they are using the computers and mobile devices you give them access to. Not only can you view reports about where they go, but you can also set limits on their Internet time and even restrict what they can view.

Data Theft Prevention

With data theft prevention you can control auto-population of sensitive data and even prevent all kinds of sensitive data from being transmitted online or via email.

Online Shredding

Most families own a shredder for safeguarding sensitive data from hard copy documents. With the online shredding feature, you can shred your online documents as well.

Scheduled Computer Tune-ups

One of the easiest ways to detect and prevent threats is to keep your computer data clean and organized. Your security software can schedule regular tune-ups for your computer, which can quickly rule out security threats when your PC starts running slowly or getting hung up with certain links. Often these are just maintenance issues, and with regular tune-ups you can easily tell the difference.

By choosing a security software with these nine essential tools in place, you’ll never have to worry about your loved ones’ safety online.

About the Author: Charles Lindley is a software tester who specializes in testing Internet security products. As a father himself, he takes his work seriously and often recommends the product he prefers, Trend Micro Internet Security, to friends who have children.

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