Hard Drive Monitoring Software

Acronis Hard Drive Monitor is a great utility forĀ  monitoring the hard drives installed inside of your PC. Acronis specializes in hard drives and provides both commercial and free programs. The Acronis Hard Drive Monitor is one of their best free programs and is a great way to keep an eye on the physical condition of your hard drive’s health before something bad happens and you lose all of your data. If this program recognizes a potential problem it will either generate an email or notify you through a pop-up alert. Because it’s continuously monitoring the state of your hard disk, you never have to remember to run the program after installing it.

Installing Acronis Hard Dive Monitor

  1. Download the program from the Acronis website.
  2. Run the Acronis Drive Monitor setup file.
  3. From the Install Menu, click on the Install Acronis Drive Monitor to launch the installation process. An installation wizard will follow.
  4. Read and accept the Acronis Drive Monitor license terms.
  5. Choose where to install the program. Default options will be fine.

install hard drive monitoring software

You can run the program following installation by clicking the new icon on your Desktop or by navigating through the Start menu to Start>All Programs>Acronis>Acronis Drive Monitor. When you launch the program you will see a summary of the drives installed on your computer and any alerts associated with them. You will see yellow warning icons if minor issues have been detected or red icons if there is a serious problem. If everything is fine, you will see a green check mark beside the drive.

hard drive health

In addition to monitoring your hard drive, this program will occasionally remind you to perform backups of your data. You can either use a solution through Acronis or manage a backup strategy on your own. You can read our article on data backup methods for more information on backing up your computer. Remember, it’s not “if” your hard drive will fail, it’s “when.” So make sure you monitor your drive and always have a backup of your data.