Hard Drive Utilities

Major brand name hard drive manufacturers will usually include software with the purchase of a new drives. This software can help you partition, copy files from the old drive to the new drive, or even diagnose problems with your disk. We are including a list of the major hard drive manufacturers and the software they prvide for download. If you have any of these drives, make sure you perform the download and keep the disk in a safe place in the event your hard drive experiences problems in the future.

Major Brand Name Hard Drive Manufacturers

Western Digital – Data Lifeguard

Maxtor – MaxBlast

Seagate – SeaTools

Some of these drives may also have free backup software or drivers that you should also get. Visit the respective websites and browse their downloads areas for any software that might be available for those drives.

Other HDD Utilities We Recommend

Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBaN) is a program you burn to disk and use to compeltely erase your hard drive. DBaN will make numerous passes across your drive, writing ones and zeros, until the contents are completely erased. Great tool if you’re disposing of the drive and are worried about security.

Cleanup Assistant is a program that helps you find and remove duplicate files, as well as locate large files that are taking up a lot of space on your hard drive. It also has a file shredder similar to DBaN.

Partition Magic is a commercial program by Symantec that allows you to move partitions without destroying data. This is called a non-destructive partitioning. Typically, if you wanted to make two partitions out of one, you would have to delete the large partition and create two. With partition Magic, you can simply resize the large one and create a second partition without losing data.