Top Computer Resources For Techs in the Field

Whether you’re a computer technician in the field or a computer user that enjoys tinkering with DIY computer repair, you need to have a list of resources at your fingertips that you can rely upon. Not everything you read on the Internet is accurate. So if you’re in the business, you cannot afford to waste time hunting down solutions for your problems. PCTechBytes is adding some of our favorite online tech resources. This evolving list will help you in repairing, upgrading, removing malware and troubleshooting complicated PC problems so you can get on the the next job quickly.

Top Windows Resources:

Microsoft Knowledge Base

You really have to start at the source when it comes to Windows. The Microsoft Knowledgebase has troubleshooting guides for just about every version of Windows, as well as most hardware and software that interact with it.


Wikipedia is a resource you can use to check facts. While most of the information here should be correct, it is a site that can be edited by people that can have bad information. But the Wiki community keeps it a pretty reliable source of information.

Top Virus and Malware Removal Resources:

SARC is a Symantec website that deals with viruses, their explanations and removal. Its a great resource for identifying the viruses of the month and finding ways to remove them from infected computers.

Top Anti-Malware Downloads

MalwareBytes – Free -Anti Spyware

AVG Free – Free Antivirus

aVast! – Free Antivirus

Super Anti Spyware  – Free Anti-spyware

Major Computer Manufacturer Support

Get model-specific tutorials for any Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway or Sony computer you’re working on. Once you input the model number, you will have access to drivers, troubleshooting tips and manuals for your Dell product.

Dell Support

HP Support

Acer Support

Gateway Support 

Sony Vaio Support


Top Motherboard Manufacturers

The following motherboard manufacturer’s can provide you will information for most boards you’ll find in a computer case. Download drivers, manuals or other important facts from their respective websites.

Abit  | AOpen

Asus  | BioStar

Gigabyte Shuttle


Top BIOS Manufacturers

You can find BIOS codes and updates for the BIOS running on most motherboards from these top BIOS manufacturers.

AMI-BIOS | Award /  Phoenix

Hard Drive Manufacturers

Get information, diagnostic and other utilities from major manufacturers of hard drives.

Western Digital




Boot Disks

Boot disks enable you to access Windows when it cannot load or boot to an alternative OS like Linux. This can help you repair and installation or diagnose problems with hardware that are preventing the Operating System from running.

Linux Live CDs

Ultimate Boot Disk

You can find other valuable resources and tips for repair in our computer fourms. Or, if you see something we’re missing, please feel free to make a suggestion as we plan on expanding this list to cover most hardware and software problems you’ll face in the field.