How To Enable Windows 8 Kiosk Mode

windows 8 kiosk mode

Windows 8.1 has a feature that allows you to limit user access to a single application, turning the computer into a kiosk, rather than a fully-functional PC. This is a great option for children or if you have a presentation that many different people will need to access on the computer. You would not want these users to wander into the C drive or close the program without knowing how to get back into it. Here is how you enable kiosk mode (assigned access) in Windows 8.

The Assigned Access feature is only available in Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise versions.

Creating A Kiosk User in Windows 8

windows 8 kiosk mode

To setup an account for assigned access, you first need to create it. To create a new user account in Windows 8, press Win + C and go to Settings and then Change PC Settings. Click on the Accounts tab and then select the Other Accounts tab. Next, click on the button “Add an account.” You will have the option to add an email address, but do not do that. Instead, click the link at the bottom to “Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended).”


Next, choose to log in as a local account.

windows 8 kiosk

Create a new account and assign it any username and password you want. At this point you will need to log into the Kiosk account so Windows can setup the account and load the various applications. Log out of the Kiosk account when finished and then go back into the administrator account to complete the setup.

kiosk mode

Make sure you choose the new Kiosk account you created, and then click on “Set up an account for assigned access.”

kiosk mode

You will then be able to “Choose an app.” Scroll down until you find the specific app you want that user to have access to. In the example above, we selected Internet Explorer. But it could be a game, an email program or anything else you choose.

The account is now created and will limit access to the specific app you selected. The user will not be able to close the app or access any critical devices or programs on the PC.

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