Windows XP Tweaks

Do you want to perform some Windows XP tweaks and customize it according to your requirements? Here are some Windows XP tweaks to help you change the system in the way you want. The three tweaks include graphical adjustments, disabling auto reboot, and a tweak to help your Windows XP computer load faster. If you’re still running a Windows XP computer, these tips can help it run more efficiently.

Windows XP Tweaks

Windows XP Tweaks – Graphic adjustment

This is more of a speed tweak, because when you change graphics, it has an impact on the speed of the system. Though there are many features that make Windows look more attractive, these features make the computer go slow. So you can make some adjustments to the graphics using Windows XP tweaks and increase your PC speed.

a) Let us reduce the color quality to get started.

  1. Right click on desktop and a pop up menu will appear. Click on Properties
  2. Select the settings tab to adjust color quality from the drop down box (change it to 16 bit Medium)
  3. Now click on OK

b) You can even optimize the performance by tweaking Windows performance settings. Though it will make visuals look less attractive, but if you want performance boost, then this is what you can do:

  1. Go to My Computer and right click on it. From the pop up box, select Properties
  2. Select Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance
  3. You will see Visual Effects tab. Click on ‘Adjust for Best Performance’.
  4. Click on Ok

You will notice a slight increase in your PC speed with these Windows XP tweaks.

Auto reboot disable

Sometimes we see the dreadful blue screen of fatal error, and then our system reboots itself. And sometimes it happens so quickly that we are unable to read the error message completely. If you want the computer to pause to let you read the errors message on the fatal blue screen, then there are Windows XP tweaks for this purpose as well. Here is what you can do:

  1. Go to System settings in Control Panel. Alternatively, you can also press Windows+ Pause keys on your keyboard.
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. You can see a section on Startup and Recovery. Click on the Settings button.
  4. There will be a section of System Failure. Uncheck the ‘Automatic Restart’ option there.

Windows XP Tweaks – Fast booting

There are many Windows XP tweaks to help you get fast booting, but this one deals with fonts. When the system boots up, there are many files that get loaded, and many of those files are font files. When we work on the computer, we hardly use more than 3-4 fonts. There is no use to load all the fonts at the time of booting.

This is what you can do:

  1. Make a new folder
  2. Open Fonts from Control Panel. You can use Classic View to find them easily.
  3. Select the fonts that you never use. Move them to the other folder.
  4. Now reboot and see if the speed has increased. Since this does not work on every system, if you do not notice a speed increase, you can move the fonts back.

You can try these Windows XP tweaks and see the system perform according to your preferences.

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