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print error

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Troubleshooting printer problems can be frustrating. Printers are one of those devices we use everyday and never think about until there is a problem... Read more »
Computer Security Tips

Computer Security Tips and Best Practices

These computer security tips can help save your PC from becoming infected by malware. Most computers will get infected at least once in their... Read more »

Tips And Tweaks On How To Increase Broadband Speed

If you need to know how to increase broadband speed, you need to look at several factors. Internet download speed can be affected by... Read more »
cpu fan noise

What To Do If Your Computer Makes Noises

If your computer makes noises, then you're having a hardware issue of some type, which means you'll probably need to open the case to... Read more »
smart home

Smart Home Checklist To Save Your Marriage

Being a technology early adopter has always posed problems for me and my spouse. Me, because I am always attracted to new and shiny... Read more »
no internet after virus

How Can I Tell If I Have A Computer Virus

How can I tell if I have a virus? If you're asking, you probably have a reason to ask. Your computer is acting funny.... Read more »

We Were Good People Before Technology Got Us

Some people say computers enhance our lives, and some will adamantly explain to you in a ten-thousand page handwritten manifesto just how computers have... Read more »
OTA TV Recording

Simple DIY OTA TV Recording and Viewing Options

We all want a simple DIY OTA TV recording solution. Watching television over the air is nothing new--people have been doing it for decades.... Read more »
home theater light strips

Tips To Improve Your Home Theater Visuals and Audio

A home movie theater can provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. Whether you're watching television, movies or playing video games, a... Read more »
automatically disable touchpad

Steps To Automatically Disable Touchpad When Mouse Is Plugged In

The following steps will show how to automatically disable touchpad usage on your laptop when you plug in an external mouse. People often experience... Read more »
PC games on Android

Guide To Use Steam Link To Play PC Games On Android

We have reached the point in mobile, home network, and gaming technology that finally enables us to stream video games to our mobile devices.... Read more »
black screen

How To Fix The Black Screen Of Death On Windows 10

Forget the Blue Screen of Death, there is another BSoD in town. Black screen issues in Windows 10 are the new bane of existence... Read more »