Acer Aspire System Recovery Partition

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Restoring from the Acer Aspire System Recovery partition is easy.

Most Aspires will have a second partition that can be used to restore if you do not have CDs.

It is recommended that you make those CDs when you first buy the laptop. If you don’t, you run the risk of not being able to install Windows again if that second partition fails.

Acer Aspire System Recovery PartitionRestoring From The Acer Aspire System Recovery Partition

Keep in mind that running the recovery will restore the computer to the way it was when you first brought it home. Anything you added will be lost, so make sure you have program disks, passwords, favorite websites, photos, documents and anything else you need backed up before proceeding with the recovery of your Acer Aspire.

Hard Disk Recovery should be enabled by default. If it is not, you may need to go into your system’s BIOS by hitting F2 at boot and enable it under the Advanced tab.

Once Hard Disk Recovery is enabled, restart the system and hit ALT+F10. This will begin restoring from the Aspire system recovery partition. You will be prompted to type six zeros as a security step. Type 000000 to proceed.

You will then see a screen to select your Operating System. Do this and hit enter and the recovery process will begin.

Find additional Acer recovery tutorials here.

You Cannot Use The Acer Aspire System Recovery Partition

The process for restoring from the Acer Aspire System Recovery partition is similar with all major brand names. The most important thing to remember is to always have backups of your data and take a few minutes to burn recovery DVDs using Acer’s built-in utility. Creating these backup DVDs is vital. If the hard drive fails, you will not be able to perform a recovery from the Acer Aspire system recovery partition. Create the media and store it in a safe place along with the rest of your software and computer documentation.

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  1. My computer has crashed and left with the blue screen of death.
    I cannot find my windows XP disk and am affraid to do the system recovery.
    I have a burnt copy of windows XP but will my drivers all work like my sound card and whatnot?
    What do you recomend.
    Also when i try to boot it from the disk and recover the system it asks for an administrator password. I have never had a password and have no clue as to what it might be but this is hindering my recovery process.


    1. Details of the blue screen could help…Rather than reinstalling, try getting into Safe Mode. Boot the PC and immediately begin tapping the F8 key. Once there, you might be able to undu any recent changes or fix any problems that are causing this problem with your computer.

  2. I purchased a used Acer Aspire 5000 about two years ago. One day I had the brilliant idea of installing Vista on it, which worked fine, except for the fact I had to reformat the drive to an NTFS partition. Unfortunately the Aspire auto restore only recognizes FAT32. Somewhere during the install of Vista, probably due to my not paying attention or own stupidity, I wiped out the virtual D Drive where the restore information was kept and of course I didn’t think to make a restore disk either. Now I am looking to sell the machine because of getting a new MAC Book and have no way of setting the Acer back to factory defaults. I called Acer and was told it would cost me $39 just to talk to someone because I did not have a warranty and I can find no place on their web site to purchase the factory restore disks. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to where I can get a restore disk or should I just load Vista on the thing again and given them the Vista CD along with the machine as part of the package?

    1. I don’t see that you have any recourse. You can try and get recovery CDs from Acer, but as you can see it’s going to cost you.

      Your third alternative is to put an alternative OS on there–like Ubuntu Linux.

  3. John, the recovery partition only includes the Windows installation CD’s, device drivers and some utilities that I actually had to spend hour uninstalling.

    You could re-install Windows XP using any XP installation CD. If you use the registration code at the bottom of the notebook, there should not be any license issues.

    Then it should not be too much of a trouble to download all the device drivers from the internet. (The wireless might not work without a driver, but windows XP usually gets the wired ethernet work.)

  4. my 8′ laptop(had it for a yr) only has the sd momery slots and the usb slot on it. how do i do a recovery? I as well have a virsurs somewhere in my system. which leads me to the reason why i want to reboot it back to where it was in the beggening. thanks, hope you can help,

  5. i just got a acer aspire 7450 notebook w/ window 7 and the day after having it the mouse starts to work funky ok so instead of when you left click and it justs clicks annd when you right click u get a menu so now wen i left click i get menu and when i rite click i get the same menu…i tryed changing the settings for it and nothing ..i called the ppl no help then they saikd maybe its a hard drive send it in but i dont want to wait the lo0ng to get back my computer and i had to wait that long to get it…my computer has shut off with out proper shutdown 3 times and maybe its somthing to do with the hard drive….if it is how can i get it fixed with out paying any money or do u think it is something else? please please help i am desprite no please !?

  6. hiiii,i just bought acer aspire 4520 with windows vista and i didnt backup my windows,the computer was so heavy so i installed windows 7 but now i wanna reinstall windows vista from OEM how can i do that?

    1. If you have the disk, you should be able to boot from it and run it. During install, you will see the Windows 7 partition and will have the ability to wipe the drive. backup first, as you will lose everything. Also, it you still have the original recovery partition on there, you might just be able to launch that. Look for opportunities to press a function key when first booting (like F10) to access that partition.

  7. You are awesome for posting this recovery info. i thought all was lost. Bought it, set it up and played with it less than an hour before I had a Vundo Virus. This saved my investment.

  8. My acer aspire 5000 won’t start. When I hit the power button the yellow battery light on the front comes on for about 8 blinks and then goes dead. Can’t get past that point. Please help!

  9. Okay, I have really big problem here so please bear with me…

    I have an Acer Aspire AST-180-UD400B desktop with (such as it is!) Windows Home Premium. I tried to install SP1 yesterday, but something apparently went wrong on the restart. Here’s what’s happened so far…

    Safe modes (all options) Runs a list of files that ends in something called crcdisk. The first couple of times, it would freeze but then it was try to resume, only to wind up restarting every single time.

    Run Windows normally: Gets to the Microsoft Corp boot screen, then flashes a blue screen (too quickly to tell what it says) and then restarts.

    Run last good config: Same as running normally

    Running recovery CD: BSOD with error STOP: 0x0000C1F5 (0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    I’ve looked everywhere for a solution, but without safemode and/or ability to use recovery CD, I’m out of options. But then I recalled that I might have a partition on my HD, and sure enough, it’s there! I can switch it to bootable through linux (which is what I’m using now, btw). Should I do so that way, or should I do what the above instructions say?

    1. If you have any USB devices plugged in, try unplugging those. It might be getting snagged on a driver. Also, does Acer give you the option to do a system restore? You might have to boot and tap the F10 key to get to that men–just read the screen and see what key to press for recovery options. Restore to a point prior to the update.

  10. I have acer 5715z which i bought about 2 years back. I installed windows 7 on it. I want to go back to my original vista but nothing happens when i press alt+f10 at boot up menu. I have checked and the recovery is still there in hidden partition. Also i cant install xp. There is error saying that you have newer version of windows and cannot proceed.

  11. Thanks to all your posts I was able to fix my aspire x1200 desktop. Keep posting it may help someone! Thanks to all.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks so much… I so much appreciate it…. I followed you advice,,, alt+F10 worked and my system is restoring as I am typing this… It seems like its going to work. This means that I wont have to share my new computer with the wife.


  13. i have problems my acer aspire one d250-1042 is showing a error stating that my tcp/ip network is not installed, i can’t connect to the internet at all through wifi or ethernet i tried using the partition function keys but nothing pops up, it just continue boot the original way, please help it would be greatly appreciated

    1. To install TCP / IP open the control panel and click network connection. Right-click the network adapter and select Properties, then you will see an install button. Click install, then protocol, then TCP/IP.

  14. hi Dave..
    a pleasant day to you..i bought an aspire one notebook model ZG8,having a windows7 starter edition,with some reasons,i upgraded it to windows7 ultimate edition with a was successfully installed and properly working except the wireless could i restore the wireless connectivity of my pc?
    thanks in advance..hope you could reply me through my email add..

    1. You should check the Acer website for an updated Windows 7 driver for your laptop. You will then update the driver via the control panel>system>hardware>device manager. Good luck.

  15. Hello here is what I did to get around the system restore… it works but if your wanting to actually go back to your original OS I would do as it instructs in the directions on the opening of this Page…
    (1.) Download a good clean working copy of Windows XP Pro Media Center OEM, Do not get a cracked or Activated copy as you have your own key already.
    (2.) Now go to the Acer Site and locate your laptop indicating the OS you plan to use and download all the drivers your laptop will need…
    (3.) Burn all the drivers you get to a 700mb CD-R Disc and make sure that all the drivers have been extracted to their own folders before you burn them otherwise you will swear at yourself for not unpacking them before going through all that work.
    (4.) Next Format your Computer as you would normally BUT!! MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR PQSERVICE ALONE DO NOT TOUCH THAT PARTITION, Leave it Alone!! Do a clean install by deleting your C:drive Partition then locate the deleted partition in the list of partitions it will show up as a non active partition, now recreate the partition and then choose the drive you wish to install your windows on. Just Leave your PQSERVICE (EISA) Partition alone, That partition holds your factory OS and programs that should you decide to go back to your factory settings, they will all be there for you go refer back to when you want to by using the instructions on the opening introduction on this web page.
    (5.) Now select The C:Drive and do a full format not a quick format because you want to make sure you do a clean install right..?? so do a full format, it takes longer but your sure to get a very clean install.
    (6.) After your Done with the format, your pc will go through the steps of install at which point your going to eventually need to type in your OS key thats on the sticker usually on the sticker under your laptop, make sure you write this key down before you go through the steps of install, you dont want to be messing around by having to pick up and fliping your laptop upside down as that may cause your laptop to become corrupted… then you’ll really be swearing…lol helpful hint: Take a picture of it with your cell phone if you have a cell then you can have easy access to it when ever you want. Now Insert your Key.
    (7.) if by chance your key does not work, that could mean you downloaded a bad copy of that OS, you have to make sure that you get a good copy of Windows XP Pro MEDIA CENTER… Also note that when you go through all these steps your actually installing Media Center in NTFS and not FAT32 which is what your Factory OS would normally use “(FAT32)” dont worry NTFS is just as good and it will accept all the drivers you downloaded…
    (8.) Now when you get to your desktop, pop in the driver CD that you burnt and start installing all your drivers that you downloaded.
    (9.) To make things easier to work with at this point I would take the time to make my desktop look like the original windows which is what you should do if your to follow my instructions here. Now to find out if you have installed your drivers all you need to do is to Right Click on the My Computer Icon on your Desktop and then click on PROPERTIES when your system properties pops open click on the tab marked HARDWARE, Next click on the DEVICE MANAGER button.
    (10.) As you install all your drivers, check back in your DEVICE MANAGER interface to see if the DEVICES with the YELLOW Question Marks (“??”) are disappearing after each install of the drivers you install. once all the drivers are installed there should be no Yellow Question Marks in that list of Devices. DONE!! Easy as Pie.
    Anthony πŸ™‚

  16. <<>>
    On Step (4.) that is the point where you would put in your Good Copy of Windows XP Pro Media Center to do your install of system files and then do the Format Steps.
    Anthony πŸ™‚

  17. hi there,
    I have an Acer Aspire ZG5 and wanted to install Ubuntu as the Main OS, buuut i dont have a USB CD/DVD Drive, so some how i go to install KUbuntu and hit skip for some un necessary checks and it gave me a “Live CD” test, so i attempt installing it by formatting the Virtual partition, it failed, then i try to install it normally and now the netbook has NO OS what so ever, is there a way to install Ubuntu with no OS’s and no CD/DVD drive, or any cheap way of installing it, oh and when i tryed installing Ubuntu to the virtual drive it got formatted and doesnt have anything on it

  18. I have an acer aspire 9300 and I need to set my computer back to the factory settings, but it says I need an empowering technology password. I don’t remember what it is. What can I do?

  19. My man! you just saved me 50 bucks. My OS crashed , so i call acer tech support. They tell me its going to be 50 dollars to get this problem fixed, i politely declined their offer and googled it. You were the first website i clicked, and you tutorial helped me out. Thank you.

  20. I have an Acer Aspire X1700 that it freezes up after it enters the window recovery screen. The screen just goes black, the fans are still on, and the lights are still on. I was told that I need to use a recovery disk but would loose all my data. Is there a way to recover the data? Or is there another way to start up the computer with out having to use the recovery disk?


  21. @Anthony,

    The only difference between a full format and a quick format is that a full format runs a check disk before deleting all of the files. No difference in terms of “getting a completely clean install”.

  22. Hey I am trying to locate the hard disk recovery on the Bios menu, My bios menu say CMOS, which i believe is the Bios. Or some form of it.
    I am not able to find the function that will help me to enable the Hard Disk Recovery.
    When i hit Alt + f10 nothing happens, could you help me out?

    1. Not all models will have the recovery partition. If your model does, you should see the option flash on the screen when you are booting up. Did you get recovery disks when you bought the PC? If you did, then your machine might not have the recovery partition.

  23. Hi,
    I deleted PQSERVICE (EISA) Partition on my Acer Aspire 5000 cause I always backup my files in external hdd and rewrite xp pro if smth happens will this have any affects on computer? And is it possible to get that partition back on computer again if so, how?

  24. I have an aspire 4736z which has two hidden partitions, one was saying PQSERVICE which is a relatively small partition and the other which sized about 12gb, not sure what that partition was but I guess my question is, is it ok to restructure the partitioning of my hdd, i want to delete my c: drive and split it into 5 partitions without touching the hidden ones, will that work or will it give me problems installing windows after that???, by the way i also plan on installing windows 7 ultimate on the new partition and have the hidden acer recovery partition as backup just in case. Hope that you guys could guide me on this one….

  25. Hi there, I have Acer Aspire 5920G, the thing is , after windows reinstall I lost important programmes… but somehow I enabled my recovery partition once … my hidden partition then become visible and I could install all my software that comes with laptop and I don’t know how I’ve done it… Please Help me!

  26. Hello I have aspire x1200 some virus affected my hdd, I bought a media recovery but when start install it don’t detect partition of hd, but when i acces with live cd vista the partition is there, i don’t know if the problem is hdd sata, if i tried of install w7 send a message don’t can install on hide driver. some body have same problem who can help me…


  27. I have an Acer Aspire 1640z. I have tried all of these steps to fix my laptop, including restoring from a previous time, but nothing works. Safe mode does not work either. It simply loads the windows 7 screen and then goes straight to a blue screen telling me that A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. Technical information: *** STOP: 0x000000ED (0x82D4CE30, 0xc0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    I tried to order a system restore off of the Acer website, but it is no longer sold for this make and model. WHAT DO I DO =( I have so many irreplaceable pictures, any way to save them if this computer isn’t able to be saved? Ugh, just my luck. I had planned on saving them on a backup harddrive tonight, so much for that idea. HELP PLEASE =)

  28. Hi! I was given an Aspire 4720Z with Vista installed and asked to fix it or retrieve the data if possible. I did. I partitioned the drive and Installed XP which I had the disk for and was successful. My question is now that he has given it to me I’d like to make it multi or dual boot and work with the Vista as well I may be able to fix it. I tried the recovery partition but to no avail… Is this possible? If so, how might one go about it? any feedback will help thnx.


    1. You’ll need to use an installation DVD of Vista and install it. It will create the dual-boot scenario when you install it on a separate partition on the current drive with XP. The recovery partition will not work, as it will wipe XP.

  29. I have a acer aspire one running vista. I used the Acer eRecovery to “restore the operating system but retain user data” I now have windows working again and I have a c\backup\Jack file, a Guest file and an all users file. I can access the Guest and all users but I cannot access the Jack file. It says it is not accessible and access is denied.

    I’ve tried searching for my my missing files but it won’t find them and when I check my c drive I notice it is still completely full. 12 gig free out of 146. So my question is. How can I recover my files or find a way to access them?


  30. I have an Acer Aspire 3680, I want to do a complete system restore. I cannot find my disc or don’t even remember if I have one, I have followed the prompt at boot to hit alt-F10, there is no option to do a restore, it just brings up the Microsoft Windows Vista and restarts the computer.

  31. I have a Acer Aspire 7735z that came with windows Vista it was working fine until my roommate put a fake windows 7, Now my laptop wont do wifi and keeps telling me that i need to get a validation code. I tried using the one for Vista but no luck. My computer is so screwed now, like the memory is crap now and I have to use a direct line to get online. I would love to just take it back to the factory state but I dont have the disk and I’m out of my warranty stage. Can you either help me find a key or how to get my laptop back to new again.

  32. Plz can u help we did an erecovery which failed. we ended up buying recovery discs from acer tried installing them but at the end all we get is napp_km..napp6.exe-application error the exception unknown software exception (0xc000000d) occured in the application at location 0x1002e4db any ideas plz help i miss my laptop Aspire 6530

  33. Hi ….I am having major problems with my laptops(s) yes two of them ;P
    Both are Acer aspires. One of them is a Aspire 5536. Now I had bought the Aspire 5536 a year ago and the new Aspire about three months ago. Both of the computers the F-10 does not work for me. I had Acer send me boot systems and they do not work either. Any advise would be great thank you so much.

  34. (How to recover windows on acer aspire)
    I restart my pc and hold alt and f10 and it does nothing!
    I restart my pc and rpidly press alt and f10 and it does nothing!
    On the Empowering Technology setting there is system recovery and a option called restore factory settings. When I do this, it just restarts my pc and… does NOTHING!
    I have paid 700 pound for a pc which wont let me restore it via partition and dod not come with a recovery disk.

    1. What model is this? Maye we can help. Or you can contact Acer directly–good luck with that, though. Maybe you should post in our forums and we will try and help you sort this out.

  35. MIKE WAS RIGHT!!!! i thought it was hopeless. full restore can be accessed in EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGY! thanks!!! laptop is restoring right now πŸ™‚

  36. Not sure why it’s doing that, except that maybe something is corrupt. I hate to say it but you may need to send it back one more time–make sure they replace the hard drive or whatever is causing the problem.

  37. Does clean factory iinstall mean the original factory state single drive of 300 gb will be retained thus abolishing the new partitions and all its data ?

  38. I am thinking the D drive will be removed since it was not part of the original configuration. Not 100% sure. If you were manually formatting C with a Windows disk, you’d be fine. I would definitely back everything up before you restore.

  39. Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 1692WLMi (altrough the boot menu identifies it as 1690) and I need to restore it. When I press alt+f10, nothing happens. In the bios, there is no harddisk restore function under the advanced tab.

  40. Some Acers require tapping “F8” during bootup. Then choose “Repair Your Computer” at the typical black screen with Safe Mode options, etc. After that you should be into recovery options and able to follow prompts. My issue is that the user forgot his password and recovery is requiring it. Also, there is no Admin account to log into = hosed.

  41. Bob,
    Download “Hirens Boot CD” (its free) and you can reset the user passwords by booting the offending machine with that in about 3 minutes!!

  42. I have set my password, the window password. But after a long time since i last use, i have forgotten the password. And it is worse as the Recovery disc is lost.

    I need to obtain some important documents and files which i need it by this comming friday, anyone can help me?

  43. i have an acer aspire 5532 and i restore the computer to facory default and now it keeps restarting i was told that i needed a recovery media disc is there some kind of way i can press a button than helps

    1. Stacey, if you used the hard drive partition to restore the computer you should not need the recovery media. Your computer is probably crashing and that’s why it is restarting. Unplug any external devices, such as printers, scanners, cameras, etc and try doing the recovery again.

  44. JD – you could remove the hard disk drive (a few screws underneath the laptop, remove the panel & then the disk) and get yourself a USB disk caddy and get your documents off the disk directly using a friend’s PC even without your Windows password (as long as you haven’t set your documents to be “private”).

    Just for completeness (or for if you remember your password) another way that Acer use to access the recovery partition is via the “safe mode” menu — simply keep pressing F8 repeatedly while starting the PC up. You will eventually get to the Safe Mode options screen where you should select “Repair the Computer”

    This will take you to the Acer recovery options. One of the options is to use System Restore (which should be the first thing to try). There are also other options for reinstalling the operating system whilst saving your files to disk first and a complete factory WIPE and restore (which definitely wipes all of your docs out so be careful!!).

  45. Hussein Hijazi

    I’ve had my Acer Aspire for a good 7 months now, everything’s good, every 1 month I tend to restore back to factory settings so it stays in mint condition. Today as I was attempting to restore, nothing came up. No prompt box telling me anything. Nothing. I need to restore back to factory settings as soon as possible, please help.

  46. I have Acer Aspire 5551-a, my factory Windows 7 crash. I tried to restore form service partition (PQSERVICE) but nothing happen. So I install some Windows 7, but not original. But I still need to restore original windows. Service partition (PQSERVICE) is still there. Is there a hope? Some way to go back my original installation. Please help πŸ™

  47. Hi…today i wasn’t thinking and returned my computer to factory settings without saving any of my files..Now i’m trying to figure out how to get my computer back on? Please.. i hope there’s no more bad news.. I’ve only had my laptop for a month. πŸ™

  48. Okay, I just watched a video on youtube of some guy showing what the alt+F10 button does (on a diff acer than I have), and it shows a menu so you can select to either completely restore to factory default, OR to only restore the OS and retain the user data in backup. I think that would do what I want it to do, right? I would still have all my docs and photos?

  49. After reviewing information on the Acer website about my model Aspire One AOA150 ZG5 it appears that the recovery system for my computer only does return to factory default, thus I would lose everything. (I know, I know, I need to back up my data onto an external drive so I don’t have this problem again)

  50. Tabitha, a USB or Live Ubuntu CD would allow you to boot into Linux to retrieve your data. I would try that. Instructions are here:
    You will need a different computer to make the cd or USB drive. When it’s made, put it in the computer and boot up. If it doesn’t boot, you might have to go into your BIOS and change the boot sequence to the device you installed the Linux on.

  51. Hello. I have the same problem as Mike, that is: when i boot up and press Alt+F10, it does nothing, so I start up Windows, and start Acer eRecovery. I eRecovery, I click on “Restore system to factory defaults”, my computer re-starts and nothing is reset. I have an Acer ZG5 with XP Service Pack 3, with two partitions.

  52. I have an acer 5542 and got a virus. I tried using the alt+f10 method to recover and chose the option to restore the OS and retain your information. When I ran that process, there was an error and it stopped. I tried To go back in to do the complete wipe but now it says it can’t find boot manager…help please! What would my options be?

  53. My computers status is 0xc000000f and it says the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible

  54. My hard drive no longer has anything on it at all the recovery disk DO NOT work… I have tried all your suggestions and nothing works. I know the hard drive is still good but how can I reinstall an operating system I dont have any disk.

  55. I want to run Acer eRecovery Management, I am aware I am going to lose all my data and files, but how about my Anti Virus? I have 12 months contract of Anti Virus in my computer. How should I put it back in it after eRecovery? Thank you,


    1. Was it a download? Do you have a product key? Just make sure you have the disk or download of the version you purchased and the registration code and you should have no issue reinstalling it.

  56. I have an Acer Aspire 4520 I got this laptop in ’07 of December and it crashed 2 years later in April. I have blue screen and I can’t access windows vista. Please Help.

  57. dude, THANK SO VERY MUCH, you helped so much and pretty much saved my life πŸ˜€
    thanks again ^^

  58. I need help. I have a Acer Aspire 5740 that tells me windows error recorvery. Windows failed to start. A recent hardwar or software change might be the cause. How can I make my laptop work. I don’t have a disc.

  59. nathan Littley

    I have an old erecovery DVD disk that i burned myself, from my (now extinct) xp laptop. I am running windows 7 on my new netbook and have made a new clean partition on the hard drive. Is it possible to use my old disk and install xp onto the partition, whilst leaving the Windows 7 intact?
    alternatively considering buying an xp disk from ebay. Will i be able to install that onto the clean partition if erecovery doesn’t work?


  60. Make sure that when you’re trying to restore to factory that you’re hitting and holding(!) the alt-F10. It’s not like F8 where you just have to hit it once, you have to hold onto it ;D

    I also found that using a USB boot device ( worked extremely well for getting data off of a virus-riddled drive before restoring it to factory.

  61. Thanks for such a simple an accurate solution. I had to do it twice (the alt-f10) but that is because I’m an antique. Thanks again.

  62. I have an Acer Aspire 4330 laptop. I cannot get it to do anything…I press F2 at startup and it takes me to a setup utility screen. I try pressing F8 or anything else at startup and it takes me to a black screen with a blinking tab in the top left corner. What have I done to my poor laptop? Please help!

  63. Hoping you might be able to help. How long is a system recovery suppose to take, in general? We have an Acer AspireOne D255 w/win7. I ran eRecover via partition and told it to restore the OS, but keep the data files. It got thru 100% of restoring the system but hangs at 99% of updating system for several hours and never seems to finish. There was only maybe 100 mb of data to save. Is this normal -should I just let it run throughout the night?

    1. The process can take a couple of hours. I recommend making sure there are no external USB devices attached that might be causing the system to hand when installing drivers.

  64. nathan Littley

    I’m planning a factory restore – my netbook has started running painfully slow all of a sudden with no viruses or adware to be found. I think i give up on the xp idea for now.
    When I go into drive managed in windows 7, the recovery partition is shown as being completely empty at ~13GB. I checked the bios and disk recover is enabled. Will the hard drive PQservice recovery method still work?
    Documents ans such are being backed up to NAS as I type.

  65. I have an Acer Aspire 5740G running Windows 7. I wish to return to factory settings and have the 3 Recovery Disks I made shortly after purchasing the laptop.

    How do I use these disks to enable the laptop to return to its original factory state?

    I am not bothered about losing data or programs that have been installed since purchase as I have all these backed up or on their original CD/DVDs

  66. I have an Aspire 5610Z

    hitting the F key repeatedly at start will take me to a partion drive, I hit escape, and that takes me to an option page were if I then click F8 I have repair options. hopes this helps someone

    My problem is restore is not working – the f key has taken over my lap top, it buggers my log in, and starts to type on all my open documents ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff very annoying and not productive.

    I have done virus scan, I have restored to earlier date, and it stops but when I shut down for the nite the next morning I have to fight all over again to get a working system.

    Any ideas anyone? thank you

  67. Hi, I am working on my dads acer trying to recover his OS through erocevery management. I did the alt f10 and it took me to a recovery process that says…. Please wait a moment. This has been all it will do, the computer is thinking and I am not sure if it is doing this because its partitions or whatever are damaged and the comp cannot recover itself or what, any clues?

  68. I have always found recovery through partitions to be iffy. Make sure all external devices are unplugged (printers, etc..) Is it possible to make the recovery disks or is the system too damaged?

  69. Have an acer aspire 5315 and trying to set to factory settings. I did the alt f10 thing and don’t have the disk. It starts up normal until it gets to the acer erecovery management download. It gets stuck on part 7 of the 8 downloads. Can anyone help?

  70. Hi

    My acer one is being very slow and jittery. I restored the system to an earlier time on numerous occasions but the last time i did it it took hours to complete and was then worse than before. So i undid the restore.
    If i was to use the acer recovery management to restore to factory default or presss Alt and F10.. would this delete windows XP? I aware it will delete pretty much everything else but im worried about losing windows xp.
    I dont have any back up cd’s to reload windows as its a used laptop bought about 8 months ago.

  71. Hi!
    I have an Acer Aspire M1202. The other day I went to turn it on and the computer’s power light comes on, the it seems to run for a little bit, I can open the disk drive door, but my monitor reads “No signal”. I have recovery disks and I know my passwords, but neither the f8 or f12 with repeated taps or holding down continuously is bringing up anything on the screen. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.

  72. Got this acer aspire shipped from US but have never seen its desktop. doesnt boot. could it a factory damage.?

  73. acer aspire one – bought it for my daughter at xmas, its started to run slow and jitter, back up all data files, tried to restore factory settihngs go as far as erevoery managemetn (v7.7.6) and at the end stops and says can install windows and will complete after restarting, sitting here for hours now and keep going round in the same ccircles – any ideas, ive tried the f10 and the alt f8 and still going round and round??

  74. Have an Aspire 5552-3691 that I did a system restore point on, after it finished it would not load windows. It would load the login screen but after the password was entered it would load up a black screen and my mouse. Ctl+Alt+Del would still open up task manager/log screen but unable to do anything else. So, I tried a full system restore (factory). When finished it gave me a message stating “Windows was unable to install, please restart to try again.” Have rebooted time after time to no avail. Talked to Acer, they are sending a media disc, I still think the hard drive is failling. Any ideas???

  75. Thank you VERY MUCH, your information helped me 100%.

    All what I missing is the ALT+F10 key.

    About this info:
    “Hard Disk Recovery should be enabled by default. If it is not, you may need to go into your system’s BIOS by hitting F2 at boot and enable it under the Advanced tab.”..
    For me, I have an Aspire one ZG5, and I found the option called D2D in the Main tab , also it did not ask me for 000000 password.

    I would like to share what I faced to help more people as much as this site help me.

    Thank you again very much.

  76. try hitting F8 during boot (from BIOS screen) and selecting “Recover system” then choose “e-management”

  77. hi dave,
    i hav acer netbook aspire d255 with windows XP. it got infected wit lot of viruses n antivirus update failed. i somehow got d update n it detected a lot of viruses and removed some. i had some very important data in MyWinlocker. but i guess one of d software’s file got deleted coz of virus. n i;m not able to access any of it now. i hav backed up d rest of the data from my computer, except those in the Mywinlocker. now, some system file has got corrupted. windows is not booting up. i need those files desparately. if i carry on doing recovery, will i be able to recover those files from winlocker using some recovery softwares?

    1. Unfortunately, I do not think so. The recovery process will likely delete those files. You might want to consider creating an Ubuntu Live disk. In your case it will have to be USB. Ubuntu is a bootable Linux disk that allows you to run Linux on your computer without actually installing it. This way, you can browse to your files and copy them off before going back and running the recovery. Here is a link to that software.

      But before you do this, see if you can boot into Safe Mode. Tap F8 when booting (you may need to hold the function key). If you can get into Safe Mode, try copying the files off.

  78. I have an Acer Aspire 5220 notebook with Vista that won’t boot up most of the time. It occasionally does manage and runs fine, but I want to use the recovery partition and the machine has not booted in the last 3 hours. It just keeps trying to and then the power light goes off and it tries again. Not getting as far as the splash screen.

  79. Hi Dave

    I am trying to restore my factory default settings. It’s not working. I was wondering if the problem might be that I when I bought the laptop (Aspire 2920z), the hard drive was partitioned into a c and d drive. I removed the partition and created just one c drive. Do you think this would cause problems when trying to restore factory default settings? Thanks in advance.


    1. Yes, unless you have recovery disks, you need that partition. I would recommend trying to order them through Acer. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a copy of Windows.

  80. when i start my acer aspire one 751H i get <> I do the alt f10 complete the process but after reboot same thing error 15 πŸ™ any idea ?

  81. I have an acer aspire one d255. i bought from a pawn shop and it has a user password. how do i fix it without spending money? it also dont have a cd port.

  82. I have an acer aspire 5315 and I need to set my computer back to the factory settings, but it says I need an empowering technology password. I don’t remember what it is. What can I do?

  83. i have a acer aspire one and it has gone to sleep and i cant wake it it is working but nothing on the screen can some1 hel me it has done it before but my friend fixed it and he is on the other side of theworld

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