Acer Aspire System Recovery Partition

Restoring from the Acer Aspire System Recovery partition is easy.

Most Aspires will have a second partition that can be used to restore if you do not have CDs.

It is recommended that you make those CDs when you first buy the laptop. If you don’t, you run the risk of not being able to install Windows again if that second partition fails.

Acer Aspire System Recovery PartitionRestoring From The Acer Aspire System Recovery Partition

Keep in mind that running the recovery will restore the computer to the way it was when you first brought it home. Anything you added will be lost, so make sure you have program disks, passwords, favorite websites, photos, documents and anything else you need backed up before proceeding with the recovery of your Acer Aspire.

Hard Disk Recovery should be enabled by default. If it is not, you may need to go into your system’s BIOS by hitting F2 at boot and enable it under the Advanced tab.

Once Hard Disk Recovery is enabled, restart the system and hit ALT+F10. This will begin restoring from the Aspire system recovery partition. You will be prompted to type six zeros as a security step. Type 000000 to proceed.

You will then see a screen to select your Operating System. Do this and hit enter and the recovery process will begin.

Find additional Acer recovery tutorials here.

You Cannot Use The Acer Aspire System Recovery Partition

The process for restoring from the Acer Aspire System Recovery partition is similar with all major brand names. The most important thing to remember is to always have backups of your data and take a few minutes to burn recovery DVDs using Acer’s built-in utility. Creating these backup DVDs is vital. If the hard drive fails, you will not be able to perform a recovery from the Acer Aspire system recovery partition. Create the media and store it in a safe place along with the rest of your software and computer documentation.


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