Acer Laptop Recovery Without CD

recovery parition acer

You can perform an Acer laptop recovery without CD or DVD disks if you need to. Some models of Acer laptops and computers will allow you to run a system recovery from the recovery partition without having to use the CDs. This may be necessary if you never received the recovery CDs or never got around to making a copy of the recovery CDs for your Acer. You will need to make sure certain settings are correct in the BIOS before proceeding. Once you make sure the following are enabled, you can begin rebuilding your C: drive so your system is reverted to factory defaults.

Of course, make sure you always backup your important data prior to running an Acer laptop recovery without CD disks, as all data and programs installed after you purchased your Acer will be lost.

Acer Laptop Recovery Without CD – Enable Acer Recovery In BIOS

Acer Laptop Recovery Without CDAs you begin to boot your Acer, tap the F2 key until you get into the BIOS setup. Next, Check to make sure the the Acer Disk-to-Disk recovery is enabled. Once you have made sure the Disk-to-Disk recovery is enabled in Main, save the changes and exxit the BIOS setup. The system will reboot.

To begin recovery using the recovery partition, press Alt+F10 at the same time as soon as you see the ACER logo appear during boot. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process.

After The Acer Laptop Recovery Without CD

Once the computer has finished rebuilding the C: drive, your Acer computer will be back to the state it was when you first opened the box. Be sure to visit Windows update immediately to make sure your system has the latest security patches. You will also need to reload any pictures, music and movies from your backup source. Read other Acer articles here.

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  1. went through all steps. Starts to reboot then mesg windows failed to start, A recent hardware or software change might be the cause , to fix use repair disk

    file: \Boot\BCD
    Status: 0xcoooooof
    Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data

    1. My computer can’t recovery partition. It’s Acer Aspire 5741 mark.
      can you help me?

      file: \Boot\BCD
      Status: 0xcoooooof
      Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data

  2. Hi, the reboot worked but now i cannot connect to my internet, furthermore the wireless button is not working and the light does not come up. It recognised internet connection yesterday but today, since i rebooted, there is no such recognition. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. I can’t remember the passwords set up to do recovery is there a way around it without messing it up, it’s brandnew i’ve only got to get on it 2 times and still can’t use it the company wants 100 bucks to unlock it.. i so need help.

    1. Try tapping F8 at boot and boot into Safe Mode. Sometimes this will reveal an Admin login you don’t normally see. This login may not have a password associated with it. If this is the case, you can then go into the control panel and set new passwords for the other accounts. Good luck.

  4. Hi Dave, I have an Acer Aspire Timeline X 4820TG, almost 2 years old with Win 7 home premium built in.
    I could not, and still cant make any e-recovery disks as it stalls after burning but before verifying the 1st of 3 disks so i have no way of burning the other 2 or verifying if the 1st is complete. My CD-Key sticker, is pretty much worn out and is not readable. I want to do a clean install.
    1.) I can order the CD’s from Acer, but im overseas, so it could take a while to reach. I think it can be done without the CDs but will it ask for the CD-Key?
    2.) How can i get the CD-Key? Iv tried to get it using keyfinder software, but the key i get does not match the few characters i can read on the sticker – so will it work?

      1. Dave, at the last of these directions it says the password is six zeros. Check it out.
        Developed by Acer’s software team, Acer eRecovery Management is a tool that provides you with an easy, reliable and safe means of restoring your computer to its factory default state from an image stored in a hidden partition on the computer’s hard disk drive. Acer eRecovery Management also provides you with an easy-to-use facility to back up your system and data as an image stored on the hard disk drive, or to optical disks.

        Using Acer eRecovery Management
        You can launch Acer eRecovery Management in a number of ways:
        • By pressing the hotkey + during the boot-up process, or at any time when you are running Microsoft® Windows®.
        • By pressing the recessed hardware reset button (if available).
        • From the Start menu, go to Start > (All) Programs > Empowering Technology > Acer eRecovery Management.
        • By clicking on the Empowering Technology icon from your desktop, or pressing the key to launch the Empowering Technology user interface. Select the Acer eRecovery Management icon.

        This will open the Acer eRecovery Management main page.

        Using the user interface
        Acer eRecovery Management uses an intuitive user interface to guide you through the various backup and recovery processes. This UI is detailed below.
        Acer eRecovery Management requires a password to activate. The default password is six zeros (0s).

  5. I have an Acer Aspire 5749 my problem started with a clicking noise then it froze so tried removing the battery then when started again it just went black with a command saying check cable connection! PXE-MOF : Exiting Intel PXE ROM. No bootable device–insert boot disk press any key. Then i put the recovery disk 1 chose Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults but it would not copy files from disk and says There is insufficient space on the disk for the temporary files required for this operation. That’s how far as i went. Please help me. Just bought this laptop only Jan. So it’s relatively new. SOS! Thanks.

  6. hi dave i av a acer aspire9300,wen turning on everything ok then it sayz windows xp,then says restarting in progress,then screen goes black,the curser still there but cant do anything,is there anything u can suggest 2 put it right plz.

    1. sorry it says set up is restarting,but then screen goes black wi curser still there,i have left it all day and still same,plz send mi sum suggestions thank you ,

      1. Were you installing the Operating System? Did you change or install anything prior to this behavior? Try tapping F8 when booting and see if you can get into Safe Mode and undo whatever is going on. You may want to join our free forums for additional help, as that is a better venue.

        1. i was installing windows xp,but it kept stoppin sayin there was a error,and now,window xp logo comes on then it saying set up reinstallin,then screen goez black,and tryed safe mode,it says safe mode in all cornerz of screen,at the top says microsoft(r)window xp(r)(build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.080423-1303:service pack3 )

          1. Make sure you are using a genuine, original XP install disk and that there are no scratches on it. I would attempt the install again. This time, make sure all external devices, such as printers, scanners, cameras, etc are not connected, as this can sometimes cause driver issues during install.

        2. Hey Dave I have a problem with my acer when I turn on my computer it show the Acer logo and then it say starting windows and after that a black screen comes up and it have launch windows to fix problem or start windows normanly and I have tried both when I had pressed start normanly it wont load up and when I pressed launched windows to fix problem it start looking for problem and then a box comes up to set the computer back to a earlier time where it was working correctly before. What should I do from there?

          1. Whitney, it’s asking if you want to do a system restore, which is safe. Select that and then go back to a date when it was working good. Hopefully that will fix your issue.

  7. Bessie Keating

    re Acer recovery without CD. Not sure who I am thanking but it worked great. Simple to recover with the instructions. Now the hard work of getting everything back the way it was since the restore doesn’t seem to want to restore the files I backed up. THANKS AGAIN!!

  8. hey there…I was having a problem with Java…it was not recognizing that it was on my computer so I did a restore to factory…there were 2 options. I chose restore to settings at time of purchase. now it has restarted and says it cant configure windows on this computer. And that it cant complete until it restarts. then it restarted itself. A couple times….now….it wont go any further! can you help David?

  9. please i was updating my android on my acer aspire D255E and after installing i decide to switch to the android of my laptop but then it wasn’t working so i decided to do a system recovery on android but then after that i lost all everything on android, what i don’t know is if the update installation is also deleted after the update, anyway i restarted and even shut down the laptop so i can access the android part of may laptop but i didn’t work that is why i did the system recovery. i install 15 updates yesterday but this morning when i tried to update again it just 5. do you think the installation of the update did not delete.

  10. This doesn’t even work. I went throuh every step and nothing. What kind of company doesn’t furninsh the cds when you purchase a computer. Acer is a waste of a product and needs to refund everyone that hs spent money on an Acer product.

  11. If does not start recovery and no recovery disks are available, what else can be done? Desparately, I did attach already ithe HD to another computer and formatted both C and D (a part of 100 Mb I could not address, is this the recovery part?) and thereafter I reinstalled the HD in my Aspire 7530, but still it did not react on . I did put a Windows cd in it. After saying for some minutes “Windows is installing” (or: “Windows is beng installed”, sorry, forgot), the screen turns dark and nothing can be seem anymore. What else can I do? Attaching the HD again to the other computer and installing Windows from there? Or does this mass up Windows’ registry on the other computer? THANK you so much for your help!

  12. Hi I have a acer cpu its a year old t has windows7 the screen shattered so i replaced it but before that i tried formating the hard drive in xp in another cpu. did not work btw, I put it back in my acer and I purchase the recovery and system discs it uploaded all of them goes to windows screen on start then screen goes black all day and nite. please help

  13. Also Do you know how to center the screen? I used rubber gloves and very carefully installed a new screen. screen is great but I cant get the hd back to normal! i swithched the ram cards and re uploaded all of the system and 3 restore discs and language disc screen still goes black after windows cloud.Im racking my brain spent well over a hundred dollars on repairs and still not working! I would do anything for a break!

  14. acer laptop aspire 5750z

    how to take backup driver and system appl. to install xp sp2 64bit after remove win7.

    main question: if we have format all partition then how to recover without cd and if we have make without cd recovery system, then what is the procedure?


  15. Hi I have an aspire one 532h and as I was doing the restore it did everything until it got to 99% and its just stuck there now. I don’t know if I should turn it off and try again or if that will just mess it up even more?!? Please Help!! It was at the black screen day in & day out with the curser visible, that’s what made me look up to restore it back….

    1. You can run it again. This time I would unplug any external devices such as a printer, scanner, camera, etc–anything that was not part of the original configuration.

  16. hello . my acer notepad . comes up with errror 17 in top corner . cant do nothing else .
    i bought recovery cd and external dvd . to do so as i could not get on internet . now that i restore it all i get is code . can you help
    thank you claudia

  17. When I first saw the logo Acer I pushed Alt+F10 than it said please wait a moment. Please have patience and wait. Then after waiting, the steps will show:
    Select Restore Type
    Check Password: I didn’t have one
    Restore Destination
    Restore Progress: it will show:
    Elapsed Time:
    Current Progress:
    After the blue bar fills up all the way to 100%
    It says please wait a moment.
    Then a black box pops up:DO NOT TPUCH ANYTHING!!!
    It will go to:
    Finish: it will say:
    Restore finished.
    Please press “OK” to restart this computer.
    Than press ok

    Your computer will automaticay restart. Just let your computer restart.

    It will say:
    Please wait while windows… You can read the rest. Stop wait!! DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!
    Let the computer load by its self.

    It will take u to a screen:

    Just follow the steps.

  18. i followed the steps for partition using DOS prompts involving list partition and such, but like another user above, when windows boots from the recovery partition I am prompted to choose “other user” as a log in, but cannot guess a username or password for it. when my computer was functioning before the recovery i used no passwords at all.

  19. Um hey again someone please help!!! I went through this step by step prosses and it successfully ggets done 100% then i guess it was restoring and then it cut off or restarted then it asks for the password again well I put it in then it takes me back to that step one black screen that ask for the rebootable dis again??? Did I miss something wrong ???

  20. Hi, I tried the alt f10 method, and it jjust brings me to this page where it states ” please wait a moment ” I’ve been waiting on the page for over an hour. Is this correct? Of not, I need help.

    P.s. I was updating my steam and all of a sudden it crashes and now I can’t start my computer ):

  21. Thank you so much for your website because it saved me a lot of money. my acer 17″ laptop had been out for a month because my boyfriend had been deleting things off my laptop that I wasnt using and I told him to delete Intel off of there because I didnt know what that was. Hey, I just use it to pay bills and browse the internet! Me and my boyfriend was about to take it to Best buy today and get it fixed so that I could start using it again. I will recommend this site to any and everyone that I know that has an Acer laptop!

  22. Hi, I wonder if you can help at all. I’m looking at my daughter-in-law’s netbook. The hard drive failed but I managed to image most of it before it gave up completely. I bought a new hard disk, used gparted to make two partitions on it and copied the contents of the recovery partition back into the first partition, made it bootable and now Acer eRecovery Management starts and loads the first screen, but the first two options are greyed out and the only one that works is EXIT…. and then it does the same over and over again. I feel so close… but yet so far!
    I would much rather restore from the recovery partition than install XP from scratch if possible.
    Acer Aspire One AOD260.
    Any suggestions very gratefully accepted !!

  23. I have an acer d255e netbook. I tried to do a factory restore . Now whenever it boots i get this message ‘ windows could not complete the instalation, to install windows on this computer restart the instalation’ i’ve tried it in safe mode still no good. Is there a way to sort it without losing all my docs???

    1. You could run a linux live cd, boot to that cd and navigate to the files on your computer and get them off. Then you can reinstall Windows. Look for Ubuntu Live CD.

    1. Do you not have the disk or a recovery partition on that computer? I would look up the manual on the Acer website and see what specific instructions they have for your machine. There might be a recovery partition that you can run that will wipe and reinstall Windows.

  24. This is exactly what the system said:
    inserted the System recovery Disc first as per directions and restarted. It ran fine and the Windows screen popped up and soon after the eRecovery screen popped up. I followed the instructions and selected “Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults” since the only other option required retaining user data which there was none. Upon selecting my choice it takes me to a ‘Restore Destination’ screen and I think this is where the problem is…

    Hard Drive Name: Hitachi HTS545025B9A300 ATA Device
    Partition Label:
    Partiition Size 0.1GB.

    ^^^That is exactly what it says and no I did NOT make any typos.

    So I click “OK” and it tells me via popup “This action will erase all existing data on Partition Label: .” I click “OK” to that and it tells me to put in the Restore Disc and I do. It runs for a min and then a popup displays saying “There is insufficient space on the disk for the temporary files required for this operation”.

    I am so frustrated I’m on the verge of pulling my hair out. Am I missing something? Did I do the BIOS right? Please help!

  25. Hi wondering if u could help my son set up windows 7 on my laptop was workin fine but now it comin up with black screen sayin disk error press control alt del doin all that but it keeps beepin n stays on that screen pls do You have any ideas wot it could be its a acer aspire 5325 thanks Mel

    1. Hi Mel. So he’s trying to install Windows 7 on your computer? Based on what you’re saying it sounds like your hard drive might be failing. You should post on our free forums so others can assist.

  26. I got it. I just made a mistake by installing a new OS and all my drivers and default recovery tools from acer didn’t work, because the new OS i just installed replaced all the registry settings. But thanks to you, it’s effective. i’m recovering my drivers just now :).

  27. Ok so I tryed the alt+ del thing and now my acer aspire one goes to a black screen and says boot error insert disk and press any key. Dont have a disk. What do I do

  28. i do appreciate if someone could help me to. i tried to reformat my netbook aspire one d257-13665 using my external DVD writer.. however it says the ” BOOTMGR” is missing. Is there anyone could help me how to resolved thiS? Where can i find the BOOT MGR for my apire one d257-13665? and how can i install it? please help i need it your help so badly.

  29. Hi dave,
    I have an acer aspire 5520
    I decided to do a factory restore from alt f10. I do not have any cd’s.
    During the restore my computer died due to not realizing tgat my son had unplugged my laptop.
    I powered it back on and the ACER logo appears for a couple of seconds then goes to a black screen with a blinking white cursor.

    I have tried alt f10 and it just makes a really loud bleeping sound. I have went to f2 and made sure d2d recovery was enabled as well.

    Any help would be VERY appreciated.

  30. My wife has a ACER laptop and we did a system recovery with no cd? We went into alt+f10 and followed onscreen instruction and came up window could not start windows instalation? how can we fix computer?

    1. Try it again. If it doesn’t work, you may either have a problem with the recovery partition or the hard drive itself. In our forums, we have techs that can help you diagnose your issues. That is the best place to troubleshoot.

  31. My acer was completely broken, just went to the “just wait a moment” message and stopped there no matter what I tried. Has been like this since march… Decided to try looking and seeing if there was anything online I hadn’t seen before, and found this, thought what the hell and it worked… This was gonna be my.l last attempt before sending it away for repair and having to pay for it…. Thankyou for saving me money and if anyone who is in this situation and, like me, knows almost nothing about computers, you should give this a try, its easier than I thought it would be!! Thanks again!

  32. Hi I have an aspire 6530 and when I hit alt f10 it comes up with a edit boot option screen this seems to be wrong and it has me so lost help please.

  33. I have an Acer Aspire 5733. The mousepad on the laptop froze last night. so I restarted the laptop. It never left tho start screen so I went ahead and tried to do the factory restore with it backing up the data on a section of the c drive. It gets all the way to the restart where it says setup is starting services. Then says windows cannot load and then restarts. It does this over and over. I was trying to run it with the backup to avoid losing some important stuff that I hadn’t gotten around to saving. Will I have to just do a complete factory restore and lose all of the files for the restore to work?

  34. I have done everything as you commanded. For some unknown reason, Installing Office 2010 has been running for about an hour or so stating 15/30. Any ideas 🙂

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