Acer Recovery Disks

order new acer recovery disks

If you have lost, damaged or never made the recovery disks for your Acer computer, you can quickly order new Acer Recovery Disks for a small fee through the Acer website. Recovery Disks are a set of disks that contain the Windows Operating System, applications and other tools specific to your computer. If you do not have them, you should try and order a new set before they are no longer offered.

Why You Need Acer Recovery Disks

Most computers from major manufacturers will not ship with a Windows Install disk. Instead, they put the Windows Operating System on a disk that contains other software by Acer that automates setup and makes it easy for a consumer to revert your laptop back to factory condition. The recovery disks also contain device drivers, which is software that controls specific hardware in your computer. If you only had a Windows install disk, you would not have drivers and would not be able to get on the Internet or control your sound and video. Therefore, these Acer recovery disks are essential.

You will need Acer recovery disks if:

  • Your computer is drastically infected with viruses.
  • Your computer no longer boots properly
  • You get a new hard drive.
  • You computer frequently crashes.

Ordering New Acer Recovery Disks

The ordering process is easy. Simply go to the Acer website and click through the support links. Or simply use this link to order your Acer recovery disks. The SNID will either be located on the underside of your laptop of concealed in the battery compartment; remove the battery and look there if you cannot find it.

order new acer recovery disks

You will need to register your computer if you have not done so already. The fee should be around $20 for processing and shipping charges. Generally, you will only be able to order these disks one time, so be sure to put your new Acer recovery disks in a safe place once you receive them in the mail.

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