Use AVG Cleaner And Battery Saver To Monitor Your Android Device

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If battery life or performance on your Android device isn’t what it used to be, you can use the AVG Cleaner And Battery Saver to monitor and improve the performance of your phone or tablet. Just like with your computer, your smartphone or tablet will gradually lose performance due to unnecessary programs running in the background. These apps can fill up valuable drive space, but more importantly, drain your precious battery life.

avg cleaner and battery saver

Features Of The AVG Cleaner And Battery Saver

The AVG Cleaner and Battery Saver app can be downloaded at the Google Play store for free. They also have a paid, ad-free version.

The main screen will show you your Cache, History, App Manager and Battery.

Cache: The AVG app allows you to see the amount of cached files each app is storing on your device. In general, you can leave these files alone, but if you are experiencing problems with a particular app or running low on space on your device, you can clear the caches with the single click of a button.

History: Your History will show you the history of the Apps, files and calls on your phone and allow you to clear them from memory.

App Manager: The App Manager shows you which apps are running and how much storage, data and battery usage they are consuming.

Battery: The Battery section can show you just how much battery life your features are consuming per day. In the above example, having Bluetooth turned on is eating 32 minutes of battery life on this phone.

avg cleaner

The Question is, do you need an app like this? If you are experiencing poor battery life or system crashes or performance issues you feel are related to application bloat, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to audit your phone or table occasionally with an app like this. You may be surprised to find just how much battery life Facebook is taking up as it constantly looks for updates every minute of every day.

The app is currently getting a 4.3 rating on the Google Play store and the pro version is currently $4.77 per year if you decide to buy it. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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