Diagnosing PC Problems: Apps That Can Help

The great thing about mobile devices is that they give you the power to solve problems anywhere. You no longer have to rely on an IT-savvy friend or hire someone to diagnose and repair your personal computer but rather can look it up or find a helpful app. With smartphones, you can research, learn and pinpoint problems you’re facing with your PC. Although there are plenty of apps to assist you, here are a few that stand out:

apps to help fix computers

Computer Guy

Perhaps one of the best rated apps in diagnosing your PC is Computer Guy. This app can troubleshoot more than just your PC, too. It boasts being a one-stop-shop for diagnosing any of your devices including your PC, tablet and printer. With its easy-to-use search feature, you can seek and remedy any computer problem, saving you money and giving you a feeling of pride at being able to resolve an IT issue on your own.

In addition, Computer Guy provides you with a Q&A for more tech support through its IT staff, if needed. Those who have been using this app have said it’s quick, convenient and easy to use with nice layout features.

Cost: $0.99.

Computer Repair Handbook

The Computer Repair Handbook app is wonderful for those PC users looking for assistance in finding and fixing common problems. It provides a step-by-step process for preventing viruses (a new feature), restoring computer speed, fixing windows errors, solving network problems and equipping you with tools for computer clean-up, Antivirus and driver and hardware needs. The layout is simple with icons showing tasks such as finding symptoms, looking for fixes, selecting tools and seeking more advanced remedies.

Cost: Free

Computer Troubleshooter

With the Computer Troubleshooter app, a user has three simple options to choose from for assistance in PC diagnosis and repair: Files, Tools and Tips. The Files feature lists common problems seen with PCs and provides explanation and remedies for fixing these problems. The Tools option provides a list of handy programs that can help you resolve PC issues such as Malwarebytes and offers built-in tools such as MSconfig. The Tips category gives users additional advice and information such as quick-key combination tips and little known run commands. Extra assistance is offered by the app creator, too.

The app has gotten great reviews with many describing the app as easy to use, extremely helpful and providing great and easy-to-use instructions.

Cost: Free

Computer Problems? and TechSupportForum

For many people, the most comfortable way to diagnose and fix any bugs in their PC is to have someone talk them through it. Being able to communicate with another human being who knows how to assist you is quicker and easier at times.

To get immediate responses and perhaps a variety of insight on some issues and solutions, TechSupportForum is the way to go. The community-supported app draws on computer- and electronic-savvy experts, hobbyists and know-it-alls who you can keep in contact with through your mobile devices. When step-by-step instructions don’t work, an online forum can help you ease your frustrations and work through the problem through back-and-forth communication. This app provides not only answers to problems, but you can learn more about your PC and other IT-related issues from others. It’s like having a friendship circle of IT geniuses.

Cost: Free

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