Food Barcode Scanning App For iPhone

food bar code scanning app

Fooducate is a food barcode scanning app that gives the food you eat a grade based on its health value. This scanning feature on this free app is flawless and extremely fast. Simply hold your iPhone up to the bar code on the can or box and within seconds you have the food’s nutritional grade.Amazing.

The Fooducate app also has an Alternatives tab that lists foods in the same class so you can choose a healthier alternative to the original. If the scan doesn’t produce a result in their database, you are given an opportunity to take a picture of it and have it sent to Fooducate so they can look up the product and add it to the system. Most of the items we tested it on were already in the database, but several were not, so we uploaded the picture they requested in order to help out.

food bar code scanning appOnce you start scanning your pantry, you may be horrified what you find. The food you’ve been eating may contain trans-fats, excessive sugar, controversial sweeteners or colorings, or other nasty ingredients the manufacturer neglects to openly advertise. Try the Fooducate food barcode scanning app for the iPhone the next time you go to the grocery store so you can make healthier choices.

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