Author: Rob Walls

Print To USB Printer From Your iPhone Or iPad

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New Advances In “Password” Technology

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Choosing The Correct USB Hub

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Soldering Like A Champ – Tools And Tips Of The Trade

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What To Do With Your Old Laptop

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I Can’t Connect To The Internet!

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Let’s Talk About Tablets: MID M1050 Android 4.0

In this segment we will go over the MID M1050 10.1" Android 4.0 tablet.  Being an extremely cheap, supposedly low end, run of the... Read more »

TDSSKiller – A Rootkit Destroyer

With so many flavors of malware out there, a wide variant of viruses, and a cornucopia of rootkits one needs to know how to... Read more »

Microsoft Outlook Default Location For Attached Files

If you use Outlook 07 for your primary email program as I do at work and have to send a lot of attachments to... Read more »

Target Disk Mode And Why It's Your Friend

One of the simplest, least known about, and greatest tools IMO that Apple has ever made is Target Disk Mode.  Target Disk Mode is... Read more »

My Laptop Was Stolen, Now What?

Having your laptop stolen would be the worst feeling in the world if you were not prepared.  All that precious data at the mercy... Read more »

NES Custom External Hard Drive

What to do with all of the extra data you have laying around.  I know, le'ts put it in a nice safe external hard... Read more »