Author: Rob Walls

Perform A Windows XP Repair Install

We here at PCTechbytes have been asked numerous times how one could fix an Operating System issue without a reformat and loss of data... Read more »

Perform A Windows 7 Repair Install

Most people do not even think that this is possible in Windows 7 and went out the door with XP.  While this is not... Read more »

What To Look For When Buying RAM

From the outside looking in, RAM can be one of the most confusing pieces of hardware to buy for a system.  With all the... Read more »

Who Needs Wires? Make A Wireless Bridge!

Assuming you followed my instructions on flashing your router with the latest fancy DD-WRT firmware, then you will be able to transform your router... Read more »

Flash a Router With DD-WRT Firmware

Sometimes the router that we know and love doesn't do everything we need it to.  If you need additional functionality not currently supported with... Read more »

DIY External Hard Drive

People all across the world have been buying external hard drives for backing up data for quite some time.  As we mentioned before in... Read more »

Paragon Backup and Recovery 11 Review

Image backups are a must now in the digital age. For any mission-critical or personal data that cannot be replaced, a good backup is... Read more »

Add A Hard Drive To A Failing RAID Array

There are a lot of subtle nuances to Windows Server 08.  Many different configurations to get it set up the best for your particular... Read more »

Setup File Replication On Server 2008

I'm a little .EXE that is out of date and the company that made me went under.  If you lose me, you cant reinstall... Read more »

Codecs: What Are They And Why Do We Need Them?

Have you ever downloaded a movie, clip, or music file and had Windows Media Player tell you that it can't play that format or... Read more »

Ultimate Boot CD 5.0.3 Basic Overview

In the forums we often recommend the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) for testing Hard Drives and Memory.  Today alone I've recommended it three times. ... Read more »
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Interview With PCTechBytes Moderator

Here at PCTechBytes, Ive come to realize in my short time that there is a good solid group of techs ready and willing to... Read more »