Everyone has their own personal opinions on the matter of browsers.  Some even get into the debate like they would over Operating Systems or gaming systems.  While those who are in the tech world tend to flinch when they see another using Internet Explorer, it has come leaps and bounds over where it was when I first started using it.  Regardless of which side of the browser wars you fall on, one thing is now a fact.  Google Chrome is the most widely used internet browser in the entire world.

Chrome Trumps IE

In what is sure to be one of the most defining moments in Chrome history, earlier this month according to statcounter.com, Google’s browser has surpassed IE as the most popularly used browser in the whole wide world.  IE has reigned supreme for what seems like an eternity in the computing world.  Falling to around 32%, IE lost its hold on the global scale to Chrome with a bit under 33% as of this month.

This graph was a snapshot taken between May 2010 and May 2012 which clearly shows IE’s steady decline among the top browsers used in the world along with Chrome’s rise.  Internet Explorer is naturally going to trail off a little in use as so many good and viable options come to light as it did when Firefox first came out in 2004.  Chrome’s meteoric rise overtook the previous up and comer from Mozilla in late November of 2011 when both were around the 27% mark.

US Not Trending The Same Just Yet

So far in the good ole’ US of A, IE is the predominate browser of choice.  Internet Explorer still has a fairly commanding lead sitting roughly at 39% of all US internet browsing.  Chrome is right behind it with a respectable 23% and Firefox rushing a close third at 22%.  Safari has a much greater use in the United States than on a global scale at 14% locally compared to close to 7% globally.

So should Microsoft be scared of all the others running to take its crown?  Not likely as it is still the most widely used Operating System on earth and it is making bank while integrating its IE into it.  Heck I use IE all the time…. on new builds….. to download Firefox.


No browser is totally without its flaws.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was a beast on CPU cycles and constantly munching RAM.  Mozilla’s Firefox had a big issue with a RAM overflow when left idle for days and Google’s Chrome had some major security holes in its infancy.  Many of these were patched or corrected with later releases to round them all out into useable ways to surf the web.  Whichever is your favorite, you have to take notice of the increased popularity of Chrome and its rise to power.  Not all of us are cut out to use Iceweasel or Tor after all…

**Pictures courtesy of statcounter.com