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You can shorten URLs in Google Chrome right from the Google toolbar. URL shortening tools are nothing new to the Internet and were made popular due to the constraints of the 140 character limit of Twitter a few years ago. The act of shortening URLs has always been an arduous chore for some and so inconvenient for others they don’t even bother. But using the URL shortener in Google Chrome is so trivial, you almost want to use it for everything. Yes, you can create short URLs without the Google Toolbar. Yes, there are other benefits for using competing tools like TinyURL, but the simplicity of using in the Chrome toolbar opens this concept up to less-geeky people who might want to use this type of service for security and privacy.

Why Use A URL Shortener

URL shorteners are a must for social networking sites like Twitter, where you are limited to the number of characters you can use in each post. These are also good to use for privacy. Normally, the URL of a link can be seen in a post or email simply by hovering over it. Short URLs require the user to click on the link to view the page. While some might say this is dangerous, as the link might take you somewhere you had no intention on going, it does provide privacy for those who actually create the short URL. If you trust the sight, you can probably trust the short URL.

The best reason to use a URL shortener, however, is the fact that it create easy to remember URLs. If you’ve ever tried to tell someone the website address to a favorite article or a website with a ridiculously long or complicated address, then you will appreciate the simplified URL generated by the

How To Use

use goo.glYou can get plug-ins and add-ons for through other browsers, but the best way to use this is through the Google Chrome browser. Simply click the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Chrome web browser and it will automatically create a short link for you. Simply highlight and copy that link and you can paste it in emails, blog posts, Twitter or any other service you want. If you don’t want to use Chrome or other browser add-ons, you can also open the tool via any web browser by going to

So be sure to try the Google URL shortener on the Google Chrome browser and let us know what you think. Or be sure to recommend your own and tell us why it’s better.

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