send a text message using email

Send A Text Message Using Email

You can send a text Message using Email to anyone if you know their cell phone carrier and phone number. We all know the person who lives on their cell phone and rarely uses Email. It can sometimes be difficult …

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Email Large Files

Email is not the right medium for sending large emails for free. It’s just not efficient for a lot of reasons. Protocols such as FTP make better sense for long-term transfer of large files to people. However, if you have …

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Setup Gmail Priority Inbox

You can setup Gmail Priority Inbox to sort your mail based on its importance. Gmail claims it utilizes the same technology it uses to weed out the SPAM to help determine which of your emails are more important than others. …

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send and receive pop3 email in Gmail

Receive POP3 Email in Gmail

Gmail is a great web email client. It’s so great, some like to use it as their Desktop replacement of Outlook and other mail clients traditionally installed on personal computers. You have the ability to add POP3 email accounts to …

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