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Burn ISO image using ImgBurn

How To Download Memtest86 And Test RAM

It may be necessary to download Memtest86 and test RAM on your computer if you’re experiencing problems such as sudden reboots or blue screen errors that lock up your system. Newer versions of Windows have their own memory diagnostic utility, …

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Multi-functional LaCie WiFi NAS

The LaCie WiFi NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is more than your average backup solution. The LaCie drive can act as a WiFi router or a Wireless Access Point, extending your wireless network while providing massive storage space for backups, …

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new computer tips

Build A $500 Computer

Building a computer for less that $500 that is able to run the latest Operating System and applications is a challenge. There is a delicate balance between cost and performance. Our goal is to build a computer for someone who …

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Build A Computer For Under $1000

You can build a computer for under $1000 for gaming or any other performance tasks. The parts we have gathered below are for a high-performance PC. The price does not include an Operating System (we recommend Windows 7 Professional). It …

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diagnosing USB problems

Blazing Fast External Hard Drive

Can a fast external hard drive ever be fast enough? When you’re dealing with backups or copying large files from one drive to another, you can never have too much speed. The new USB 3.0 spec emerged last year. The …

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free computer and electronic waste recycling

Free Electronic And Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is at the top of your list when you buy and new one, right? You do not toss your electronics in the garbage, do you? Do you realize most of the materials in your computer are toxic and …

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which is best for you, a surge protector, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or a power conditioner

Surge Protector, Uninterrupted Power Supply or Power Conditioner

Surge protectors, Uninterrupted Power Supply, and Power conditioners–oh my! All computers need some type of electrical protection, but which of these options are best for your setup? The three power solutions are different, so it depends on your setup, needs, …

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labels printed onto disk using Lightscribe

Print Labels On CDs or DVDs

Learn to print labels on CDs and personalize your disks. Burning disks have become second-nature to most of us. You want to rip a new CD of holiday music, so you put in a blank CD and burn your music …

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learn how to quickly wipe hard drive using the free utility DBan

Easy And Effective Ways To Wipe A Computer

There are several ways to quickly wipe a computer, and there are a lot of reasons why you would want to do so. For instance, if you are selling a computer, recycling a computer, or simply throwing a computer away, …

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mouse scrolling problem

Computer Mouse Problems

Computer mouse problems can be one of the most frustrating issues a PC user will experience. Aside from the keyboard, the mouse is the computer device people use the most. So if there is a problem with your mouse, it …

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dvi and vga port

Suggestions to Set Up New Computer

You just bought your new PC, but you have no idea how to set up new computer. There’s more to it than simply plugging in the cables. Your new computer likely shipped with a quick setup manual, which unfolds into …

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electrostatic mat

How To Avoid Common Computer Repair Business Mistakes

Computer repair can be something you do in your spare time or a full-fledged business. As you gain more experience, however, you can become a little lax on protocol and forget some of the little things that can get you …

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computer power supply

Power Supply FAQs

The power supply (PSU) is part of the computer many think of as the case because they come with a lot of cases.  It is its own separate component, though. Your computer power supply is responsible for providing your motherboard …

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For some, the BIOS is a mysterious, scary part of your computer. It beeps and flashes information when your computer boots, but isn’t something you normally have to interact with. If you do have to enter BIOS setup, you’ll be …

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Hard Drive Has Died

Hard Drive Has Died

What do you do when you think your hard drive has died? Hard drives are destined to fail. It’s just a matter of when. As terrifying as its sounds, it’s true. It’s scary because your entire life can be on …

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