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OTA TV Recording

Simple DIY OTA TV Recording and Viewing Options

We all want a simple DIY OTA TV recording solution. Watching television over the air is nothing new--people have been doing it for decades.... Read more »
home theater light strips

Tips To Improve Your Home Theater Visuals and Audio

A home movie theater can provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. Whether you're watching television, movies or playing video games, a... Read more »
cord cutting guide

Definitive Guide To Plex DVR Recording And Live TV Streaming

There's always been a little mystery around how to cut the cord and dump the cable company that has been gouging you for years.... Read more »
cord cutting guide

PCTechBytes Cord Cutting Guide Secret Tips and Tricks

The cable companies have you, and they know it. Or do they? This guide to cord cutting will help you wiggle out of the... Read more »

Samsung HW-F355 Is The Best Soundbar For The Price

As televisions get thinner and thinner, so do the speakers inside the screen. With some televisions being as thin as half an inch, it's... Read more »
use acoustic panels to dampen sound in your home theater

Add Acoustic Wall Panels To Your Home Theater

Consider using acoustic wall panels or other methods to adsorb sound in your theater. When designing your ultimate man cave or home movie theater,... Read more »
back of roku player

Roku Is Almost Great

The Roku player is an Internet TV device that allows you to watch many different types of IP TV channels. It's most notably known... Read more »
record tv on your computer

Record Television On Your Computer

You can record television on your computer just as you would on a DVR or Tivo device. You will need some additional hardware, however,... Read more »
cable ties

Cheap Cables Are Better For Your Home Theater

Your living room of media room is the place where your family congregates to enjoy television or a movie, a place where you can... Read more »

Get The Best Picture With HDTV Calibration

Despite what you might think, your high-def television needs to be calibrated when you get it out of the box. Sure, it looks wonderful,... Read more »

How To Setup A Home Theater System

When we say home theater system, we can either mean a living room with a high-def plasma television and 5.1 surround sound, or we... Read more »