HP Computer Repair Guide Tips and Diagnostics Tutorials

This HP Computer Repair Guide was created for those HP users out there that are either trying to recover from a system crash or... Read more »

HP Hard Drive DMI and Motherboard Tattoo Issues

When most people think of the word "tattoo", they think of the gnarly tat they got on spring break in Panama on a location... Read more »

HP Computer Crashes

HP computer crashes can be caused by several factors. Learning how to diagnose the root problem for these crashes isn't much different than troubleshooting... Read more »
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Order HP Recovery Disks

You can order HP recovery disks directly through HP for a small cost--usually less than $20. You can do this once if you failed... Read more »
hp system recovery in windows 7

HP System Recovery in Windows 7

There are several methods to perform an HP System Recovery in Windows 7. A system recovery is the process of reverting the computer back... Read more »
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HP Black Screen With Blinking Cursor

If you have an HP, you may be familiar with the HP black screen with a blinking cursor when trying to boot. You may... Read more »

HP Laptop Will Not Boot

If your HP laptop will not boot, you need to apply special techniques to get it to work properly. While laptops are quite similar... Read more »
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No Sound on HP Computer

There could be numerous reasons why you have no sound on your HP computer. These can be either hardware or software related. If this... Read more »
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How To Repair HP Monitor Is Blank Issue With Your Computer

If you go to power up your computer and the HP monitor is blank, there are a few steps you should take to first determine... Read more »

Download HP Drivers And Software For Your Computer

Hewlett Packard has made it convenient to search and download HP drivers for your computer. Normally, HP will ship a recovery or restore disk along... Read more »
HP revocery in Vista

HP Recovery in Windows Vista

Hewlett Packard has made it convenient to recovery your original factory settings.  We recommend you follow the instructions below if trying to recover with... Read more »
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HP Computer Support | Hewlett Packard Computer repair

HP is a leading manufacturer of computers and computer related hardware. This page will help to diagnose and repair HP computers. Some HP computers... Read more »