Computer Security Tips

Computer Security Tips and Best Practices

These computer security tips can help save your PC from becoming infected by malware. Most computers will get infected at least once in their... Read more »
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How Can I Tell If I Have A Computer Virus

How can I tell if I have a virus? If you're asking, you probably have a reason to ask. Your computer is acting funny.... Read more »
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Five Steps to Remove Malware From Your Computer

Malware and Viruses can be difficult to remove if your PC gets infected. There are a few steps to remove malware users should be... Read more »

The Perils And Pitfalls Of Your Free Internet

The Internet is a vast wonderland of free sites and services, a glorious cornucopia of software and information donated through the kindness of others... Read more »

Remote Administration Tool Attacks And How They Affect You

The Internet is a scary place once again.  If you're not prepared to run the gauntlet of attacks aimed at your precious PC, there... Read more »

How To Use Hitman Pro Anti-malware

This is an overview and tutorial of Hitman Pro.HMP is one of the easiest and most effective (free for 30 days) malware/virus scanners. For... Read more »
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PCTechBytes Roundtable: Viruses and Malware

This week's PCTechBytes Roundtable deals with Malware. I am joined by PCS, who owns a computer repair shop in Boston and Bucksfanjimj--our forums moderator.... Read more »

Getting Started With LastPass

LastPass is a password manager program that stores and encrypts your passwords on your favorite devices, such as your computer, tablet and smartphone. LastPass... Read more »

How To Remove Ransomware And Protect Yourself Online

Ransomware is malware that prevents you from accessing your computer or the Internet. It is often the direct result of a computer virus or... Read more »

K9 Web Protection – Let’s Block Some Websites!

Needing any help to lock down a PC or block annoying sites like twitter, Facebook, Myspace or other websites?  Having trouble with junior looking... Read more »

Use Two Factor Authentication For Added Security

Two factor authentication is an important security technique you should implement whenever possible. While there are many ways to do this, the gist of... Read more »

PCTechBytes Computing Guide To Being Paranoid

They’re watching you. Literally. In a recent article posted at Ars Technia, it was reported that hackers have the ability to remotely take over... Read more »