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Beware of Microsoft Phone Scams

You’ve probably gotten the call stating your computer is at risk and your antivirus has expired. I can deduce this because I have gotten the call several times in the past few months. The caller claims to be from Microsoft …

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TDSSKiller – A Rootkit Destroyer

With so many flavors of malware out there, a wide variant of viruses, and a cornucopia of rootkits one needs to know how to combat them once infected.  A handy, easy to use little tool from Kaspersky offers a lot …

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Windows Defender Offline

Removing malware from a computer can be a tedious chore. One of the most difficult parts of this process is removing viruses that have already disabled your antivirus program or are preventing you from running system restore and other utilities …

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malware classifications

Classifications Of Malware Explained

Malware: An all too familiar blanket term for software and social exploits that destroy our data, steal our passwords, or turn our computers into zombie machines awaiting the bidding of its evil master. If you are connected to the Internet …

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In Case Your Missed: Our Computer Security Tips

Computer security is no joke. Aside from the obvious inconvenience of having a computer virus, there is a lot at stake regarding privacy, financial loss and the loss of critical data. The scary viruses are the ones that pop up …

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block facebook on an actiontec router

How To Block Facebook

You can block Facebook from your children or any other website you do not want them to have access to by using some of the following techniques. We will use the Hosts file in Windows, block Facebook at the router …

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antivirus removal tools

Antivirus Removal Tools

Special antivirus removal tools are often necessary to remove an antivirus program from your computer. Otherwise, malware could easily uninstall or disable it. So why would you need to uninstall an antivirus, anyway? Well, often times, an antivirus program comes …

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Microsoft Standalone system sweeper

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper can help rid your system of malware. Computers can become so infested with malware that they no longer boot. Or if they do boot, they will likely disable may security features in Windows that can be used …

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no internet after virus

Can’t Connect To Internet After Virus

You can’t connect to Internet after a virus infection. You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do. You have an up to date antivirus, you update Windows automatically, you do not participate in Peer to Peer network file sharing, and you …

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Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus software provided by Microsoft

Windows Security Not Completely Inept

Windows has security issues. That’s no big secret. It is, after all, the most largely-used Operating System in the world. As a result, it’s a huge target for hackers. The good news is, Microsoft has slowly been improving its security …

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virus removal flowchart

Computer Virus Removal

The following computer virus removal flowchart demonstrates the difference between simply reinstalling Windows versus attempting to remove a virus yourself. While some will contest different ways to approach virus removal, these are tactics we have successfully used in the past. …

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Create Secure Passwords

Passwords are the key to virtually everything online today, so you should learn how to create secure passwords to avoid getting hacked.  People have become complacent with their passwords and often use less secure passwords or the same password for …

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remove norton antivirus

Remove Multiple Antivirus Programs Installed

If you have multiple antivirus programs installed you are probably experiencing extreme computer slow-down or other performance issues as these programs consume system resources and battle each other. You’ll usually notice this immediately following the installation of a new antivirus …

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can't remove viruses

Can’t Remove Virus In Windows

Can’t remove virus? Viruses have become more and more complex and sophisticated and are beginning to win the war in the struggle to keep our Windows machines clear of infections. So what do you do when you can’t remove virus? …

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security habits

Develop Good Computer Security Habits

Computer Security – is something we all need to consider. With email spam, phishing schemes and viruses on the rise, PC users need to know how to protect their data and privacy. Learn more about phishing, email, antivirus and other tips …

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