hard drive troubleshooting

Tips For Troubleshooting Hard Drive

Your hard drive contains all of your important data, like the Windows Operating System, pictures, music, and other data you do not want to... Read more »

Computer Will Not Boot Troubleshooting Suggestions

There are countless reasons why a computer will not boot. Typical symptoms for a computer that will not start are a blank screen, a... Read more »
test power supply with paperclip

How To Test A Power Supply

Your computer's power supply is the single most important component in the case. But it's also the most boring, so when it comes time... Read more »

Troubleshoot A Motherboard And Components

Troubleshoot a motherboard by eliminating other devices. The motherboard is the one component that connects to every other component on the motherboard. For that... Read more »
computer has no power

Things To Try When Your Computer Will Not Start

There are several reasons why a computer will not start. It will be either a hardware or software issue. Software problems can generally be... Read more »
troubleshoot cd drive

CD Drive Doesn’t Show Up In My Computer

If your CD or DVD drive no longer show up in My Computer, you could have either a hardware or a software problem. the... Read more »
bypass a case switch

How To ByPass Case Switch

You may need to bypass the case switch of your computer. While it's unusual, every once in a while we'll find that a case... Read more »
cpu benchmark

Computer Bench Test

A computer bench test is a necessary evil when building a computer. There's nothing more frustrating than a freshly built PC that will not... Read more »

Power Supply Troubleshooting Tips

Power supply troubleshooting should be performed if your computer shows any sign of erratic behavior. The power supply is the component at the rear... Read more »

Computer Troubleshooting Tips

Computer problems are frustrating.  Becoming frustrated during the troubleshooting process will only lead to more problems.  So the important thing to do first is... Read more »

How To Troubleshoot And Fix No Laptop Power Issues

Troubleshooting no laptop power issues can be difficult for both end-users as well as technicians because of the various form factors, batteries and power... Read more »
soundcard in device manager

How To Fix Computer Sound Problems With Your PC

Computer sound problems are often difficult to troubleshoot. There are a lot of components that can affect the playback of sounds on your PC.... Read more »