Windows 7

Changing Logon Screen For Windows 7

With Windows 8 now officially on the store shelves and a plethora of articles, walkthroughs, and reviews have hit the Internet by storm, I'm... Read more »
Check desktop icons

Show Computer Icon On Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 7 is a fast and clean Operating System--too clean some power users might say. You may want to show the Computer icon on... Read more »

Perform A Windows 7 Repair Install

Most people do not even think that this is possible in Windows 7 and went out the door with XP.  While this is not... Read more »
windows repair

Three Ways to Repair Windows Without Reinstalling

Having to deal with a computer that crashes is bad enough, but having to reinstall Windows is a hassle for most people. In a... Read more »
find a mamory leak in Windows

How To Find And Stop A Memory Leak In Windows

Does your computer run fast in the morning and then gradually slow to a crawl in the afternoon? If so, your computer might be... Read more »
View Windows 7 Reliability Reports

View Your Windows 7 Reliability Report

If you've ever wondered about the reliability of your computer, you can get a visual report of how things are going under the hood... Read more »

Change Virtual Memory Size in Windows 7

Windows 7 is an efficient Operating System and requires very little tweaking to make it run faster out of the box. One tweak, however,... Read more »

What To Do When Windows 7 Is Slow

Windows 7 is slow. Not initially, but just like all versions of Windows, your computer will eventually experience performance issues. Windows 7 seems to... Read more »

Windows 7 Is Stuck In Safe Mode

There can be several reasons why you boot your computer and Windows 7 is stuck in Safe Mode. The majority of the time the... Read more »
system image

Create A System Image In Windows 7

You can create a system image in Windows 7 to quickly restore your PC to the condition it was when you created the image.... Read more »
Screen Display Is Upside Down

Screen Display Is Upside Down Fix In Windows

If your screen display is upside down, you are either the recipient of a prank or have accidentally performed a keystroke that has rotated... Read more »
Windows 7 Performance Monitor

Windows 7 Performance Monitor

The Windows 7 Performance Monitor is a utility that provides a system health check for your PC. This report could reveal potential problems with... Read more »