Windows 7

Schedule SyncToy in Windows 7 To Automatically Sync Folders

This tutorial will explain how to schedule Sync Toy in Windows 7. SyncToy 2.1 is the latest version of Microsoft's file synchronization software. While some prefer... Read more »

Connect To Windows 7 Homegroup Troubleshooting Errors

Occasionally, you Can't Connect To Windows 7 Homegroup and share files with other PCs. A Homegroup is a Windows 7 network scheme that helps... Read more »
previous version of document in Windows 7

How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 7

You can easily recover deleted files in Windows 7 using the Previous Version tool. If you had been working on a document and deleted... Read more »
roll back the driver for your sound card

Dealing With PC Driver Problems

Computer errors can be divided into two categories: hardware errors and software errors. In most cases, software errors such as driver errors can be... Read more »
uninstall windows updates

How To Uninstall Windows Update Instructions

It may occasionally become necessary to uninstall Windows update. You should always download and install Windows Updates. In fact, we recommend automating the process... Read more »
soundcard in device manager

No Sound On Computer

No sound on computer? This problem can be caused by a hardware malfunction, a software update or a simple misconfiguration. No sound on computer... Read more »
get Windows 7 themes

Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 has a lot of great options to make it your own. Theme packs are one of them. A theme pack is a... Read more »
my computer to taskbar

Add Toolbars To Taskbar

Adding a toolbar to your taskbar is nothing new in Windows, but it is a simple tip that can save you time accessing important... Read more »
Windows chkdsk in windows 7

Check Your Hard Drive For Errors

Windows scandisk and chkdisk utilities have been around for many years to help you check your hard drive for errors. The purpose of these... Read more »
Learn How To Change Or Turn Off UAC In Windows 7

UAC Turn Off Setting User Account Control Pop-Up In Windows

You can turn off UAC (user Account Control) pop-ups in a few simple steps in Windows. User Account Control (UAC) was one of most... Read more »
Turn on the disk defragmenter scheduler

Schedule Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter is a vital part of normal PC maintenance. It is a utility that rearranges the bits of data strewn about your hard... Read more »
folder options to hide or show hidden files or folders in Windows

Hide Files and Folders In Windows 7

You can hide files and folders in Windows 7 so they are not easily viewable by snoops or family and friends. This is a... Read more »