Windows 7

icon size in Windows 7

Re-size and Pin Icons in Windows 7

Desktop icons can either be a blessing or a curse to computer users. If your desktop is a kaleidoscope of coloful shotcuts, you certainly... Read more »

View System Information in Windows 7

You can easily view system information in Windows 7, such as Hardware Resources, Components and Software Environment. This is particularly valuable for technicians to... Read more »

How To Set Default Programs in Windows 7 Using File Association

You can change the default programs in any Operating System. This is also called File Association. If you have a .mpg file, for instance,... Read more »

Run Windows XP in a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

What do you do when you install your new copy of Windows 7 and realize your CPU isn't capable of running the new XP... Read more »
system recovery options

How To Make A Windows 7 Recovery Boot Disk

Do you need to make a Windows 7 recovery boot disk? Yes. It is essential for techs and end-users to have access to Windows... Read more »

Clean Install using Windows 7 Upgrade Disk

Many people prefer to do a clean install of an Operating System. To do this on a new PC, you would have to buy... Read more »
windows 7 compatibility

Windows 7 Upgrade Issues

Windows 7 is here and millions are rushing to upgrade their PCs either because they have been running Windows XP for the past several... Read more »
windows 7 compatibility

Before Upgrading Your OS Run The Windows 7 Compatibility Checker

On October 22, 2009 Microsoft will be releasing their latest version of the Windows Operating System. Windows 7 promises to be everything Vista was... Read more »