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How To Bypass The Windows 8 Password Screen

You can bypass the Windows 8 password screen by editing the User Account requirements. Generally speaking, you should always have a password to login... Read more »
windows 8 kiosk mode

How To Enable Windows 8 Kiosk Mode

Windows 8.1 has a feature that allows you to limit user access to a single application, turning the computer into a kiosk, rather than... Read more »
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Windows 8 Power User Tips

Windows 8 is a much more powerful Operating System than it is given credit for. While on the surface it may seem like users... Read more »

Download Windows 8 ISO From Microsoft

You can download Windows 8 ISO files and burn them to a disk. The Operating System is available for download by Microsoft and you... Read more »

Change The Default Location Of Your Documents Folder In Windows 8

You can change the default location of your data folders in Windows 8. So rather than your Documents being saved by default in the... Read more »
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Create A System Image With Windows 8.1

You will eventually need to perform a system recovery in Windows. It's only a matter of time. The easiest way to do this is... Read more »
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What’s New In Windows 8.1

Windows 8 is dead. Long live Windows 8.1! Never has an Operating System been so polarizing. While many people loved Windows 8, there were... Read more »

Best Windows 8 Keyboard With Hotkeys and A Touchpad

Keyboards are not all created equal. Especially when using a touchy-feely Operating System like Windows 8. The best Windows 8 keyboard is one that... Read more »
windows 8 training

Windows 8 Training Guide

Windows 8 is a polarizing Operating System. Some people love it, some people despise it. Newcomers struggle how to navigate Windows 8's confusing Graphical... Read more »

The Real Reason Why Windows 8 Has Failed

Windows 8 might be the best thing that has ever happened to you in all your computing life. In reality, however,¬†many people consider it... Read more »

Windows 8 Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the PCTechBytes Windows 8 Cheat sheet. We will update this page frequently as we discover new ways to enhance your Windows 8... Read more »

Windows Blue 8.1 Boot To Desktop Feature

Can Windows Blue save us? I've tried to be a Windows 8 evangelist. I am an early adopter and one of the few that... Read more »