blue screen of death

Stop 0x000000ED (UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME) Blue Screen Error

You can fix Stop 0x000000ED (UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME) Blue Screen Error by running the CHKDSK command in the Recovery Console. This particular Blue Screen of Death... Read more »
Windows failed to start error

Windows Failed To Start Error

Are you getting this Windows failed to start error: Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. That's... Read more »
edit registry

Registry Fix For .EXE Files Association Problem

If your applications are no longer launching, it's probably the result of a virus that has recently been removed, breaking the file association between... Read more »
hyprid power mode

Should I Sleep or Hibernate My Computer

"Should I sleep or hibernate my computer?" is probably the second most asked question in the world, right behind "What is the meaning of... Read more »
automatically fix problems in windows

Automatically Fix Problems In Windows

Microsoft can automatically fix problems in Windows through their extensive Microsoft Fit It solution center. The Microsoft Fix It solution is a mini program... Read more »
Troubleshoot slow start up times

Speed Up Windows Boot

If you're running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can Speed Up Windows Boot using a tool in the Group Policy Editor. While there... Read more »
Windows 7 tweak software

Windows 7 Ultimate Tweaker

The Windows 7 Ultimate Tweaker will help you customize your Operating System. If you're the type of person that enjoys having complete control over... Read more »

Computer Won’t Boot From Disk

You insert the Windows disk in the drive and reboot the computer but your computer won't boot from disk.  If you can't boot to... Read more »

System Is Dangerously Low On Resources

If you receive a system is dangerously low on resources message, this could mean you have a memory leak. A memory leak is less... Read more »

Windows Locking Up Causes And Fixes

Windows locking up can be caused by a rogue program that is crashing. There are a lot of reasons why a program can keep... Read more »

Does Performing A System Restore Remove Viruses

Two of the most debatable questions in the history of mankind are "which came first the chicken or the egg?" and "Does System Restore... Read more »

What is svchost.exe In The Task Manager

What is svchost.exe? Anyone who has ever looked in their Task manager under the Processes tab has no doubt seen the process svchost.exe running. You... Read more »