Dell Power Button Lights

Use the Dell power button lights to help diagnose problems with your Dell computer, such as a failing hard drive or a bad motherboard. Most newer models of Dell computers now have a diagnostic LED surrounding the power button on the from of the computer. When you press the power button to boot the PC, the light should be green and remain green under normal circumstances. Any other lights will help you troubleshoot the power issue you are having.

What Dell Power Button Lights Mean

A solid green light means the computer is operating normally.

A solid yellow light indicates the power supply is operating normally but the computer is not processing data. This could mean there is a problem with the CPu or another component on the motherboard.

A blinking yellow light indicates the power supply is receiving power from the wall, but not functioning properly. This generally means the power supply itself is bad and should be tested or replaced.

A blinking green light means the computer is in standby mode.


dell power button lightsYou should consider visiting Dell Support and downloading the manual for your specific model, as these light codes may change depending on the model of your Dell computer. So use the LED power light codes if your Dell computer has them. Also pay attention to any unusual beeps or sounds coming from the computer. Then join us in our free computer tech support forums and we’ll try and help you solve your PC problem. Sometimes, however, a service call to Dell will be required.

If your system is still under warranty, you should always just call them first, as tampering with your computer may void your warranty.

If you have other questions regarding your Dell power button lights, be sure and join our free forums and ask. Or read more Dell computer help articles here.


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