How To Perform A Dell System Restore

If you own a Dell computer system, you can perform a Dell system restore to factory condition in a few quick and easy steps.  This article will discuss some of the methods Dell uses in making sure its clients are able to revert their system in the event the operating system, drivers or settings become corrupt beyond repair.

dell system restore

Before You Do A Dell System Restore

Back up your data.

First and foremost, it is absolutely necessary to backup any data you want to save.  Usually, reformatting and recovering a Dell system will result in the complete loss of any data added to the hard drive after it shipped from the factory.  The usual place for personal data to reside in the My Documents folder. You can burn this info to CD/RW, or if you’re on a LAN network, you can transfer the data from the Dell PC to another computer nearby.  Do not forget to backup your Favorites folder and your Outlook or Outlook Express files–otherwise your address book and contacts will be lost.

Locate the Recovery Media

Most Dell computers will also have shipped with a software box that contains several types of media. This is the Windows CD and the various application CDs you will use to revert the system.  If you cannot find these CDs, you’ll need to visit the Dell website and navigate to the support section. Drivers are normally stored on their online database for quick recovery.

Installing XP on a Dell System

When you reboot with the Dell XP CD in the drive, you will come to this screen.  It gives you the option to repair the installation or continue reinstalling a fresh copy of the Operating System.  The repair will generally preserve your data and attempt to fix any corrupt or missing data.  If you decide to proceed with reinstalling the Operating System, all data will be wiped from the drive.

To perform the repair, simply press R and the system will attempt to replace those corrupt files.

To install a fresh copy of Windows on your Dell computer, press the ESC key.

Once the install is complete, you will need to add the the driver disks one at a time until all hardware has been successfully installed.

You will then need to use the application CDs to recover any applications that came pre-installed on the system–such as MS Works, MM Office, Quicken, etc…

If you need further assistance in recovering your Dell System, please visit us at our computer message boards here.

Installing Windows 7 on a Dell

The same goes with installing Windows 7. In most cases, you can also perform a dell system restore from a recovery partition. You can read more about that here

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