How To Find And Install Dell BIOS Updates

It is recommended that you get Dell BIOS updates for your laptop when they become available. Flashing the BIOS was once considered a dangerous task that would be performed by a service technician or the very brave computer enthusiast primarily because installing the wrong BIOS would often render a PC brain-dead. Dell makes it relatively easy to perform a BIOS flash and even encourages this in the setup guide of their products.

So what is the BIOS. The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is firmware located on a chip residing on your computer’s motherboard. Even though it is a chip, it can be written to over and over again as various updates are released. Dell recommends you update the BIOS, as there might have been updates or fixes that have been released since your computer was built. Flashing the BIOS on your Dell laptop ensures you have the latest functionality dell has to offer.

Get Dell BIOS Updates On A Dell Laptop

You can get Dell BIOS updates for your laptop. To do so, visit dell Support at The best thing to do is to enter the service tag on the underside of the laptop and select ‘Go.” This will make sure you get the correct BIOS for the laptop. You will then see an option for the BIOS. Click the “Download Now” option and save the file to your desktop.

Install Dell BIOS Updates

Once the file is located on the desktop and has finished downloading, you are ready to run the dell BIOS update. make sure your laptop is plugged in and all open programs are closed. You will not want to multi-task while the BIOS update is taking place. When ready, double-click the BIOS download and a wizard will launch with more instructions. Simply follow the few onscreen prompts to complete the BIOS update.

If you have any questions installing your Dell BIOS updates, please comment below.

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