How to Run Dell PSA Diagnostics

dell psa diagnostic

If you own a Dell Laptop, you will likely have the ability to run advanced diagnostics to give you an indication of why your laptop isn’t booting. These are called the PSA Diagnostics (Pre-boot System Assessment) and they are accessed by pressing the F12 button when you see the Dell splash screen in the very beginning of the boot cycle. All laptops may nor have this ability or might have a different set of diagnostics to run. The PSA Diagnostics are very similar to a beep code issued by the BIOS but in graphical format.

dell psa diagnosticIf you are able to run the PSA Diagnostics on your Dell laptop, write the code down and compare it to the list below. In most cases, you will need to contact dell support or take the computer in for servicing. But if the problem isn’t serious, you can sometimes correct it yourself. Note: if your laptop is still under warranty, be sure to contact Dell before attempting to do any repairs yourself.

Contact Dell Support

Dell PSA Diagnostic Codes

PSA 1000-0111 and PSA+ 2000-0111 – (Name of Exception) exception occurred at selector XXh offset XXh.

PSA+ 2000-0112 – CPU (x): Processor machine check exception error.

PSA+ 2000-0113 – Processor machine check error detected.

PSA 1000-0122 – Memory test initialization failure.

PSA 1000-0123 and PSA+ 2000-0123 – Memory integrity test failed.

PSA 1000-0141 and PSA+ 2000-0141 – No drive detected.

PSA 1000-0142 and PSA+ 2000-0142 – Drive Self Test failed. Status byte = XXh.

PSA 1000-0143 and PSA+ 2000-0143 – Drive Smart read command failed.

PSA 1000-0144 and PSA+ 2000-0144 – No support for Drive Self Test.

PSA 1000-0145 and PSA+ 2000-0145 – Timeout waiting for Drive Self Test to complete.

PSA 1000-0146 and PSA+ 2000-0146 – DST Log contains previous error(s).

PSA 1000-0147 and PSA+ 2000-0147 – Unit (x): IDE status failed. Status byte = (x) Control Code = (x) Msg = (s). Unit (d): Optical drive BIST – (s).

PSA 1000-0148 and PSA+ 2000-0148 – IDE ERROR: status (x) (s)

PSA+ 2000-0149 – No optical drive detected

PSA 1000-0212 and PSA+ 2000-0212 – CMOS failed the pattern test.

PSA 1000-0213 and PSA+ 2000-0213 – The CMOS battery failed

PSA 1000-0214 – Failure in DMA %s Port: XXh.

PSA 1000-0221 and PSA 2000-0221 – Interval Timer Channel 0 (mode 0) is not generating interrupts

PSA 1000-0222 – Interval Timer Channel 0 (mode 3) is generating the wrong interrupt count per second.

PSA 1000-0223 – Interval Timer initial clock output level in mode XX is incorrect.

PSA 1000-0224 – Interval Timer had wrong time period in mode XX

PSA 1000-0231 and PSA+ 2000-0231 – Failure in Interval Timer in mode XX.

PSA 1000-0232 and PSA+ 2000-0232 – The RTC did not generate periodic ticks.

PSA 1000-0233 and PSA+ 2000-0233 – The RTC ‘Seconds’ register is not updating.

PSA 1000-0234 and PSA+ 2000-0234 – Timeout waiting for RTC update flag to set.

PSA 1000-0235 – PM timer 1 had wrong time period. Expected (d), Actual (d).

PSA 1000-0241 and PSA+ 2000-0241 – Error enabling A20 gate.

PSA 1000-0242 and PSA+ 2000-0242 – No interrupt detected for IRQ XX – (Name of Interrupt).

PSA 1000-0312 – Keyboard test timed out waiting for keyboard response.

PSA+ 2000-0313 – Error detecting internal touchpad or pointing stick.

PSA 1000-0321 and PSA+ 2000-0321 – Unable to detect LCD.

PSA 1000-0322 and PSA+ 2000-0322 – Error accessing the LCD inverter.

PSA 1000-0326 and PSA+ 2000-0326 – LCD inverter error, unable to turn lamp ON/OFF.

PSA+ 1000-0331 – No video adapter found.

PSA 1000-0332 – Video memory failed.

PSA 1000-0333 and PSA+ 2000-0333 – Graphics test timed out waiting for keyboard response.

PSA 1000-0334 and PSA+ 2000-0334 – User reported that graphics patterns were not displayed correctly.

PSA+ 1000-0411Hardware Detect Error – (s) not detected.

PSA+ 1000-0412 – Hardware Detect Error – Auxiliary LCD cable not detected.

PSA+ 1000-0413 – Detect Error – LCD cable not detected.

PSA+ 1000-0414 – Hardware Detect Error – Inverter cable not detected.

PSA+ 2000-0151 and PSA+ 2000-0152 – Optical Drive (d): – Incorrect status: (x) (s)

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